Tuesday, December 29, 2015

There's Some Trouble Brewing at KTVU (Fox2)

 *Senior rank and file; mostly off-air staff furious over FOX2-mandated working conditions.

*Morale at all-time low.

*In spite of relatively good ratings --particularly in the morning--big chasm of resentment and jealousy between prominent air talent and staff.

*Secret management "black book" on the "loyalists" and "trouble-makers."

*Divisive union issue(s) involving photographers and lower-level staff creates tension between on-air anchors and the "small people."



  1. The gutless IBEW has no cards to play since FOX neber even signed on for the contract....only COX agreed to the contract....and COX is GONE!

  2. Union contracts and personal services contracts usually have a successor clause so that new owners have to abide by the terms and conditions. Of course companies, being companies, will always try to weasel out of doing the honest thing.

    1. No successor clause in this case...IBEW completely dropped the ball.

  3. There is major trouble brewing at KTVU. The Fox Television takeover has been an unmitigated disaster. They have come in with a "build it up" attitude to a situation where it was already built. Granted it is always more difficult to stay number one than to become number one. If they don't turn the financial picture around, and fast, the resources to "build it up" won't exist. Cost cutting is only half of the equation. If Greg Kelly thinks he can impress the board without advertising sales to balance the books, he is as absent from reality as he is from the office.

  4. Successor clause? IBEW was asleep at the wheel for that one. And now we've been without a contract for over a year. More hours, less pay, less protection. Thanks Hugh!
    Fox had a successor clause for AFTRA because they knew what they were doing.

  5. Hugh and Elaine ..dumb and dumber