Wednesday, December 23, 2015

KGO Radio: 'Major Changes' for '16

 "MAJOR CHANGES" in store for new year

*Wholesale redirect of news and talk.

*Weekend 'major' alteration: read: syndication and taped financial shows.

*New talk hosts (rumors galore)

*The elimination of major news blocks --PM and early evening--or some variation. Weekend news all but gone.

*Traffic overall with emphasis on added content.

*Overnight surprise.

*Weekday morning intrigue.



  1. Replies
    1. Dwight Sugioka after a couple of drinksDecember 24, 2015 at 7:30 AM

      Jingel bells, shit ge geu, duh duh f'in A'Hoel...this is how I rime, godamet.

  2. Shirtless video memos from coked-out national PD?

  3. Nothing surprises me anymore after the Great Purge of 2011. As long as they get rid of that old fossil that did a "wink, wink" when everyone was terminated except for him, I'll be happy. Old cheap bastard...Ass...ASS!!!!

  4. cumulus will screw it up they know nothing about operating radio

  5. It may be too litte, too late. The damage is done and they may never get the listeners back. They need to pretty much cut down the news during the day. If not, cut down the commercials. In an average hour of talk radio, you may get 20 minutes of actual talk You forget what the topic is after all the news and commercila breaks. And no more of the syndicated crap on weekends. John from John and Jeff is peddling stock sellig systems/seminars. Horrible! Give him and Jeff a slot on weekends or late night. They're not half bad. Even though they're based out of LA, they'll talk about bay area stuff.

  6. The afternoon news adds nothing to KGO's lineup.
    A relict from another ear.

  7. I heard John and Jeff a few times, I think they are half bad, most of the time I don't care for these duo shows, it seems to become more about the hosts than the listeners or whatever topic they might bring up. I think they are better than Joel and Corey (heck, who isn't, but all in all it is not the change I'm looking for. They should put Pat Thurston, John Rothmann and Christine Kraft on more often if they want old listeners back.

  8. It's AM. Stick a fork in it.

  9. Syndication and taped financial shows? Ugh. No and No. Elimination of news blocks and weekend news. Yes and yes. New talk show hosts? Who? They better keep Pat and Brian or I'm gone. John and Christine. Good. Get Bernie Ward back. I'll be there and I bet a whole lot more will tune in. Get Stacy Taylor back from Mexico! John and Jeff: UGH. Selling crap NO! Who listens to that shat?