Thursday, December 10, 2015

Breaking: John Madden Has Open-Heart Surgery


John Madden has left UCSF Medical Center after undergoing open-heart surgery. Madden is said to have undergone a successful procedure and is resting comfortably. KCBS and the NFL made the announcement Thursday Morning.

We reported on Wednesday that Madden has been absent from his daily reports on KCBS. His last broadcast was Nov. 24 and the station has been using archived reports from Madden, who will turn 80 next April.

We will continue to follow-up


  1. Plaese get well soon mr madden sir. Djdjfkf.

  2. Godspeed John!

  3. Let me first state that I am in no way a sports guy. Never have been. Never found any of that stuff interesting at all.

    That said, I had the good fortune to briefly cross paths with John Madden, several years ago, at a small business in Pleasanton. You couldn't ask to meet a nicer, more gentlemanly guy than John. He was kind enough to gracefully entertain the babble of a sports non-afficionado like myself. This from a guy whose whole life rotates around sports. And whose personal fortune is also rooted there.

    I wish you a speedy and total recovery, John!

  4. Madden 2016, not a problem.. speedy recovery, !!!!!!!

  5. Get well soon John Madden!