Friday, December 18, 2015

Anybody Watching KTVU's Miserable 'The Four'? Didn't Think So

 KTVU's goofy news venture The Four on 2 is searching for viewers. Nobody expected the program--anchored by the gruesome/twosome, Mike Mibach and Keba Arnold --would take the Bay Area by storm, but Channel 2 didn't feel "awful numbers" would be the early verdict either.

I've tried watching The Four -in reality, just another consumer news-oriented newscast mixed with soft features and a teaser for the more conventional 5 and 6 casts --it's not horrible nor uninspiring but it's nothing to make time for; like a leftover oatmeal cookie on the kitchen table that no one eats.

Part of the problem is that Mibach and Arnold lack that age-old virtue: chemistry. One could say that time will eventually work that element out but that's assuming there's a there there. Not. Arnold's broadcast delivery is putrid--my opinion. And she's not helped by Mibach's on-air mugging and self-importance. To have that, Mike, you need to have Bay Area news experience and street cred. He doesn't

Meanwhile, the show is sagging. For now, nobody is watching.


  1. Ebonyyyyy and Ivorrryyyyyy. Together in PERFECT harmonyyyyyy.

  2. When I was a kid, KTVU used to show cartoons at that hour, and they probably got better ratings then too.

    1. Lets have all the anchors wear paper hats.
      Paper hats & happy talk will make some new cartoons!
      ......Move over Sesame Street.
      ......It's the Mibach & Arnold show!

      That's all folks !

  3. Exactly Rich, just like an old oatmeal cookie especially when another newscast, Ellen, and Judge Judy are competing against it. I don't see how it has a chance in SF.

  4. I will if Heather Holmes is anchoring. And I have seen her doing it.

  5. They should bring back the old re-runs of Ultra Man and Star Blazers! With Star Wars mania sweeping the nation KTVU could have dusted off 2T2 and found somebody to fit into Bob Wilkins' old tights and bingo! I guess with the interweb and being able to watch what you want when you want on your phone there is no demand for an appointment TV show as this. I remember when Captain Cosmic would have people on who had seen the first Star Wars 300 or 400 times! I think they had one guy who saw it 700 times. I don't care enough to probably even walk the block and a half to see it once. But I would watch the space battleship Yamato on its mission to Iscandar!

    Of course things being what they are at FOXy 2 the best bet is to scrub the idea of another copy cat cookie cutter news hour and instead copy "The Five" from FOX News. Now before all you Left behinds get on your soapboxes about FOX News take time to watch "The Five". It's not Hannity or O'Reilly. KTVU should put 4 local pundits together covering the spectrum of political views and have them spout BS about everything Bay Area for an hour. Get people who have something to plug, pay them minimum TV wages and Bob's your uncle.

  6. When I was a kid, KTVU showed Batman (Adam West) at 4 PM. then later TV Powwww with Pat McCormick. Usually Gilligan's Island was at 4:30. (I do remember TV Powww and Captain Cosmic running back to back, followed by The Bionic Hour at 5 PM).