Monday, November 2, 2015

The Chronicle is really Bleeding Red Ink; Cooper Ain't Loved by Rank and File; 49ers PR Guys Get It; KNBR Chickie Thinks Travel Itinerary Warrants Attention; Quit Hitting on Her, Powlie Mac; Monday 415 Media Coffee Break

 MONDAY COFFEE: If word on the street is correct, then the Chronicle is bleeding more red ink--the most ever. Furthermore, the dire financial data coincides with the appointment of EIC, Audrey Cooper, who hasn't exactly warmed up the working masses with her youthful magic, or lack thereof--another factoid: since Cooper became EIC, at least two star writers--political columnist Carla Marinucci and crime-beat reporter, Henry Lee, split the paper and too more secure jobs via the Internet and TV. Hardly an endorsement for the fickle Cooper. It's now Hearst management suits about to lower the boom on the folks at 5th and Mission. The little man is cringing. So too, Ms. Cooper.

*A good media source inside the 49ers compound in Santa Clara tells me that even though the team is pooping, the PR minions are OK with the "they stink" sports media in town; the talk shows, the cable shows, newspapers, etc. not that they have a choice but given all bad pub you'd think someone there would be pissed. No. They go about their business all the while listening to KNBR and monitoring the chatter, which is bad. Not bad for the motor mouths at Knibber where a very baaaaad football team fills the lines and makes for invigorating radio--that is, until KNBR's 7000 commercials per hour destroy the momentum.

*It's raining outside. KCBS traffic people having collective orgasms --weather people are in euphoria. The TV blue jackets are out, wipe the dust off. Mike Pechner is downright giddy. Stan Bunger had to be contained on the floor by Susan Leigh Taylor who told us for the 400th straight day about her ride in to the city from Pacifica. Let me guess, Suzy, you saw moisture on the roads?

*Wayne Walker may or may not have developed Parkinson's disease due to repeated hits in the NFL while he played for the Lions. One thing is for sure: he didn't use his ailment as a bargaining chip for a future contract. That's a fact. Yeah, I know he wasn't doing TV at the time but knowing Wayne, he wouldn't do that, it's not his style.

*Speaking of Walker, he was top dog in the market for years and didn't have to resort to cheap tricks and insulting his co-workers on air. Furthermore, Wayne Walker had a very keen sense of humor that made staffers marvel --and we won't even mention his ability to read copy straight on the 11 after some, well, interesting nights on the town.

*Rusty Simmons? I guess nobody cares.

*I didn't know listening to Kate Scott's travel itinerary in the Northwest for 10 minutes is a new morning feature on Knibber. Might as well tell us how the coffee was at the Motel 6. And by the way, hey you, "Pawlie" Mac, --this just in: she doesn't care for guys so quit hitting on her. Your wife might give you a Grateful Dead right to the face--yeah, yeah, yeah, DUDE!

*The dude-counter hit about 68 on the morning show Monday--DUDE!

*There's so many white guys inside the KNBR studios somebody compared it to the opening of a Target store in Simi Valley.

*The KGO Radio Morning giggling team is having issues. "JJ" is pissed off at "JB" because he has more sick days than she does--giggle, giggle.

*Chip Franklin would sell his mother-in-law if given the dough. Maybe he can take that pillow, buy another one from his rich uncles and then have a squeegee party on his temperpedic.

*ABC's "Good Morning America" would like to talk to KTVU's Steve Paulson in case he's interested.

*If "POWLIE MAC" was paid by the word, "dude", he'd have Donald Trump coin.

*John Lobertini: biggest jerk in radio news.  That said, he's a good anchor and can smoke a mean cigar. Ask Mike Sugerman.

*Sugerman used to have major juice in this town before ego, women, and money got in the way.

*Damon Bruce: LADIES man!

*KTVU Halloween morning: no costumes and/or pirate talk. The power, of, uh, 415 Media.

*Ronnnnnnnnnnn had a cool Halloween: he dressed up as an ego.

*Susan Leigh Taylor: sanctimonious never had a more loyal friend.

*Something you'll never hear on KCBS: "Money Matters with Jan Wahl."

*I'm not paying attention to any of this due to my on-going fling with Joey Heatherton.


  1. Once, during Harold Greene's tenure at KPIX [just an aside, but was Harold the inspiration for Ron Burgundy?] he read a story about a ventriloquist and at the end, off camera, Wayne asked :"Hey Harold, were you the dummy?" Good times

    1. KCBS would shit their drawers if there was a thunderstorm; then, they could use Jan Wahl's mumu as an outdoor tarp. Talk about Ass...ASS!!!

  2. KRON's Jackie Sissel was on camera for a story about the devastation from the fires. He did a nice piece. I do realize, though that he doesn't want to be a 'personality'...but a photo/video journalist.

  3. My favorite Wayne Walker story is the one that ends with a chair thrown through an office window INSIDE the newsroom.

    stormwatch...Stormwatch...StormWatch...STORMWATCH!!!! We get it Trixie, it's raining. Enough already.

    KNBR. Now, that's torture.

    Sure, Niners PR sits back and listens, but you just KNOW Jeddy Boy and his sidekick Trent are sweating.

    1. I would change that to "you just HOPE Jeddy Boy and his sidekick Trent are sweating." Its not as if Daddy has some level of superiority-Jeddy is just following Daddy's lead from 2004-2011.

      I've just reached the point that I don't care.

  4. The Chron and SF Gate are a joke and I am not going back to give them my clicks. There are more grammatical errors and bad headlines then Pauli Mac saying dude. Off to the SJ Mercury page

  5. Can people stop pretending Chip Franklin is good on KGO? This guy is fine for the midday slot in Indianapolis or even San Diego but he is so boring! Every segment sounds exactly the same to me and it seems his interest in the stories is only based on the fact that he has to seem interested to get through it! What happened to talk show hosts who HAD SOME DEPTH?!?!

  6. The Chronicle is a joke. Too many columnists, too much reliance on wire copy and not enough substance. The fat fuck who runs the sports department should go teach high school shop class. He's not qualified for anything else. That sports section is a bunch of hot air. Kate Scott continues to step on her tongue. Didn't Lowenstein put a pair of butt cheeks on his head and dress himself as an ass? Maybe that's his every day wear. And they're still talking about Kim The Wonder Dog's commute this morning on KCBS. Someone should send Susan to Linda Mar. And Bunghole can go play jacks with Bitker while they drive to work in the mornings.

  7. Can you do more on Henry K. Lee? I used to know the guy. He was a print loyalist. Why would he flee SFGate? If it was about the money, is KTVU really offering him that much more? I thought KTVU was cutting down on star reporters. (Lee was welcomed with a big video package on air.)

    Re: Cooper: She's my age. And it wasn't too long ago (late 90s) that I was a college student reading the Chron. How'd she get the job at such a young age? I thought, given her age, she must've been truly special. I follow her on Twitter, and she tweets a lot about random stuff. Where does she find the time to care about random stuff?

  8. Spot on about the KNBR morning frat boys, Dude! Do they ever talk sports anymore?

  9. You didn't post it when I sent it in, but I got an e-mail (not a personal one) from Audrey Copper asking readers to crowdfund a story on H1B's! Why am I going to pay a paper to write a story?

    1. I do not think that it will succeed. I wondered how will she tap-dance her way out of that dumb idea?

  10. Richard, You are right, I am giddy with todays rain and IF EL NINO turns out to be a bust, there will not be enough water to wipe my ass next year! Regarding Wayne Walker, seeing the video was very sad, indeed. When I lived on Potrero Hill in SF in the 1980's,I produced Meteorologist Joel Bartlets weather and was in the KPIX studios almost every evening. The chemistry between McElhatton, Wendy Tokuda and Wayne was magical and it was no secret that was why they were number one.

  11. Damn@Joey. I'm going to have to do a little googling.

  12. "Rusty Simmons? I guess nobody cares."

    His boss is back and he isn't. Obviously, someone cares.