Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Swipes At The 415 Media Coffee Deli; Mark Ibanez; Damon Bruce; Fake KTVU; Gary Radnich; Ann Killion; Chronicle State


*I'm happy they play the Duane Kuiper solar ads on local TV and radio because I haven't seen or heard one for the past five minutes.

*Mark Ibanez used to be one of my favorite sports anchors --but the FOX Invasion of the Body Snatchers on KTVU has taken hold of Ibanez' conscience. That's too bad. And "That's The Sporting Life."

*Damon Bruce seems to be ticked that someone came out and exposed Ann Killion as the person who blackballed Bruce from Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area.
Sorry, Damon, it's an item.

*Once again, the fraudulent players on KTVU Weekend MO2 injected fake happy talk on the screen Sunday. It was pathetic and sappy, the usual formula. Claudine Wong is a fake. So too, Rosemary Orozco --although a beautiful fake, but a fake nonetheless. Maybe they should all dress like and speak like a pirate. They're good at that.

*KTVU Management: Nixonian 2015.

*More Damon Bruce: When you repeatedly tell people how great you are you're not that great. Remember Damon, brevity is the soul of wit.

*KGO-TV is planning to design a "radically"-new morning news show --it will debut sometime later this year. I don't know the exact format but I'm told it will involve several new "intensity"-shots, including real-time traffic --I can hardly wait but give KGO credit for trying something new.

*When TV/Radio reporters in this town take to Facebook to bemoan getting ripped by the 415 Media blogger it's both telling and humbling for me. And my oh my, the comments uttered by the brave miscreants. Didn't know I have such a fan club. By the way, the post has subsequently been deleted. What a coincidence.

*More Killion: She's been sending out resumes to the various pundit shows like ESPN and Fox Sports so that should tell you about the state of the Chronicle --just ask Carla Marinucci and Henry Lee.

*You want irony personified? Gary Radnich talks endlessly about the importance of family and kids--then why did Raddy habitually cheat on his first wife?

*Very soon one day the BIGGEST and BADEST thing that hit Bay Area media will become public and you will read it here, first. No clues. Yet. But trust me, you'll be shocked.

*Julie Haener will probably be back sometime in November.

*Yo, Joe Vasquez of KPIX? If you're gonna take a cheap shot, then tell it to my face.

*You too, Doug Sovern.

*More PIX: Christin Ayers spent a better part of three minutes on a segment involving a one-on-one with some drifter who wants to be president of the US. It was beyond god-awful and quite comical, unintentionally too. The bit was on the "NightBeat" so no one was watching. Maybe that was the intent.


  1. Jan Wahl and a 10-pound steakOctober 11, 2015 at 9:34 AM

    Hmph...speaking of swipes, Tardnich needs to swipe some Lysol on his ass, because Tubby Larry & Ellen Degeneres-Scott are tired of his stanly ass.

  2. To cover the costs of Duane Kuiper solar ads, imagine what the markup must be.

  3. "then why did Raddy habitually cheat on his first wife?" - with both men and women.

    1. Hmm, hmm "with both MEN and women"? We're all ears and ready to hear more.

  4. Charles Tourettes BouleyOctober 11, 2015 at 12:53 PM

    The biggest & baddest thing in media would be Me, thank you very much. Ass...ASS!!!!

  5. Rich please clean your glasses. How could anyone who looks as good as Claudine Wong be a fake? However; happy talk is not needed. KTVU please do away with the fake talk.

  6. *Very soon one day the BIGGEST and BADEST thing that hit Bay Area media will become public and you will read it here, first. No clues. Yet. But trust me, you'll be shocked."
    One media outlet will announce they are closing their news operation and going all over to Twitter/FB/Instagram, with content by an army of I-phone using mouth-breathers. It won't be good but it will be cheap.

  7. > KGO-TV is planning to design a "radically"-new morning news show
    > --it will debut sometime later this year.

    It will feature an ethnic anchor who will begin the proceedings by shouting GAME OOOOONNN! and touching her hair endlessly. She'll also be quizzed on airport codes by the weather moron. All done to a hip-hop beat in 3D.

  8. has anyone watched channel 7's new weekend news? wear sun glasses, never
    saw so much blinding white teeth in my life, i'm surprised the sports reporter is
    still there, must be nerve wracking

  9. KPIX why are you only showing 30 minutes of Face The Nation?

    1. Philcycles,
      Face the Nation is an hour since 2012. See Wikipedia.

  10. The comment on Bruce reminds me of a story SF native Ken Venturi told:

    A young Ken Venturi was bragging to his father about his noteworthy amateur golfing record. Venturi's father let him finish, and then he told the kid: "When you're that good, you can tell everyone. When you're better, they'll tell you!"

  11. Damon Bruce, A legend in his own mind

    1. I've found the people who like him, like him because he's not a Bay Area homer. Yet, that's largely his demographic. I've found the only KNBR hosts who discusses national teams beyond the Bay Area or his or her own college team is Tolbert and Ratto.

  12. Glad someone told the truth about Damon Bruce. Arrogant and cocky but lacks serious talent. The new PD at The Game is clueless.

  13. I liked Claudine Wong better before she started adding blond highlights to her hair.

    Rosemary Orozco has huge tracts o'land! She can track my warm front anytime she wants. :-)

  14. Not sure what all the 'fake' talk is about? If it's about plastic people, then you left out some KRON women, and NBC11. I don't find Claudine or Rosemary fake in any sense.