Monday, October 19, 2015

Exclusive: KTVU News Helicopter Had Two Emergency Landings

 KTVU's news chopper, "Sky Fox 2" had two emergency landings in the past three months. The pilot experienced medical conditions, a station source has told 415 Media, exclusively.

The incidents occurred in late June and then another more serious landing by the same pilot happened during the Valley Fire last month.

Repeated calls to KTVU to comment on the matter were not returned.

The name of the pilot was not known but he went by "Chopper Dan" --in normal circumstances a report is issued whenever there's some aviation incident --so far KTVU hasn't, at least publically, acknowledged its helicopter emergency landings status nor filed a report we're aware of.  Sounds kind of murky to me.

But the source says it's not surprising.

" The Fox contract has only one pilot who is over worked/under paid/on call 24-7...Maybe that's why the pilot had a medical condition and couldn't perform underneath the Fox terms and conditions."

Whatever that is.

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  1. Define "Emergency Landing" first...
    Then just call the FAA and ask the PIO for incidents related to N62TV

    A true emergency landing is pretty difficult to hide from the FAA in the BA.
    It is kinda strange that the last 20 flight plans ( for SkyFox2 were from Oakland to Nambia.

  2. Hmph, probably up there fucken around with his damn Nintendo when he should be doing his job, & KTVU is covering it up 'cuz they're scared.

  3. Why would KTVU file a report. Who owns the helicopter?

  4. Replies
    1. No, they just bounced.

  5. KTVU doesn't care. If they could find an intern with a pilot's license, they'd use that person in a heartbeat. If an incident occurred, they'd get free publicity and run with it by saying they were first with the news on this event. They'd get a drone, but it probably costs too much. All of this sounds harsh, but it's not that far from the truth.

  6. Let's say this were true, the KTVU helicopter had two "emergency landings" within the past 3 months. Who cares? Why would this even matter?

    1. If it crashed into a pumpkin patch they could sell pies.

  7. It's a 2008 Bell 206L-4 owned by Helicopters Inc of Cahokia, Ill. This company typically provides the chopper, the pilot and the maintenance on an hourly or on-call basis to various media companies. There is a difference between a "precautionary" landing and an "emergency" landing. It might be an emergency if rescue equipment is called out or put on standby or if the aircraft is damaged or if there are injuries. Most precautionary landings are never heard of assuming they make it back to an airport.

  8. I'm a commercial pilot/CFI/CFII flight instructor. There are no reports required unless there is an accident. Even if the pilot did declare an emergency (which I doubt since it didn't sound like he needed to clear a runway or get priority status to go to the first in line for final approach and landing, or have emergency personnel show up. Even if he did, that doesn't require a report either. A "hard landing" is not reportable, unless there was damage such as the tail rotor hitting the ground, etc. When students are learning to fly airplanes or helicopters there are a lot of "hard landings".............when practicing with helicopters, it's called auto rotation (without going into lots of detail it's sort of like gliding the helicopter in with the blades turning from the air going through them to simulate an emergency without power).

  9. To those wondering if/why is this news:
    The pilot had a 2nd medical condition. Why is he/she still flying? Is this "condition" a threat to public safety? Is KTVU or the helo company going to suspend/fire the pilot--or will they continue to let him/her fly??? why it's news.

  10. Was the pilot named "Ho Lee Fuk"?