Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Today On The Gil Gross Show

 1. Gil talks to Dr. Heshie Horowitz about the hazards of blind men masturbating.

2. Gil goes one on one with wifey, Rhoda: I can sing better than you!

3. Gil does a twenty-minute phono with a woman in Nebraska who swears that humming birds feces can cure cancer.

4. Gil talks about the growing real-estate market in SF with realtor, Bubby LeBanski.

5. Gil talks to Chef Aaron Arugula from Boulevard about the pratfalls of gouda cheese.

6. Gil asks sexpert Dr. Isadora Salmon if a man is impolite if he asks a woman: "Can I toss your salad?"

7. Gil has a quickie: five minutes with a podiatrist, Bertrom Corn, on the plus side of soaking your feet in oatmeal.

8. Gil goes on the down low: fifteen minutes with a brother named LaMar Bootybeal about growing up black and gay in Concord.

9. Gil talks with an expert on toenail fungus who says that the ailment could be cured by people who regularly washed their feet.


Gil talks to Dr. Edith Goldstein who says more and more Jewish women are going on-line to meet singles and use pen names like "Bethany69"


  1. Figures a Horowitz would know something about blind men masturbating...that's why they're called "Ol' One-Eye". Shalom, Bitch!!

  2. Regarding #1: If they are already blind, then what is the hazard?

  3. so Rich how do you really feel about Gil Gross?

  4. 2:25 PM, Haven't you heard? Back in Michigan there's a common belief that 'pleasuring oneself' can restore sight to the blind! They have yet to set up the Control Groups to test that theory.

  5. I am listening to Gil's show right now and they are playing the CNN Republican debate. Are they kidding me? What other station would run a debate for one party 15 months away from a presidential election? Who's running that place?

  6. Gross is as boring as they come. I would rather listen to the religious station down the dial, really!

  7. So I guess you are this blog is a spoof on Gil's show, since they did run the Republican debate today. Having said that, it is not that far from the truth, although Gil does manage to do a decent interview with different political journalists. He has good connections from all the years he was in the news business. He had a really good interview with Jay (I think that is his first name) McIntyre on 9/11. Having said that, that is about the only positive thing I can say about Gil's show. I think Rich is, in his assessment about Gil is about 95 percent correct. I'm listening to the Pat Thurston show, she has John Rothmann on as a guest. What a delight to listen to, I never get tired of listening to John Rothmann, he is ALWAYS interesting, he is very bright, very educated, political astute in his analysis. To bad we have to rely on someone having him as a guest (Pat, Ronn) to hear him, in this political season.

    1. No one under 55 I the bay area keeps this on.

  8. 1. I would listen
    2. I would not listen
    3. Only 20 minutes?!?
    4. Was it pay-to-play?
    5. I'm sure Laugh In did it better in 1969
    6. "Man...if you've gotta ask you'll never know!" -Louis Armstrong
    7. But humming bird sh!t got 20 minutes?
    8. Voiced by Phil Hendrie, I presume?
    9. His entire last hour...I assume...
    Finally: Oy!

  9. Gil Gross has a very boring program(unlistenable). He was a good news reporter, he should go back to the news department, and give John Rothman the time slot!

  10. Amen, I wrote the blog at 9 p.m. I use to like Gil when he years ago would fill in for Ronn, (although I preferred Bill Press), I liked him when he replaced deceased Pete Wilson, but after awhile his show got somewhat boring, depending on his subjects. However, he still took calls, and would have interesting subjects. Ever since he was chosen to take over after the death of Gene Burns, his has become boring and as you correctly point out, for the most part unlistenable. Seem like the powers to be at 910 prefer hosts who does not take calls. Spencer Hughes, who can be good, not great, but I use to like to listen to him at times, but this practice of not taking calls, is killing these hosts. It makes the show about the host instead of about callers and the audience. Entirely to self centered for me.