Saturday, September 5, 2015

Summer, Highland Falls --Prelude To Tonight At AT&T Park


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  1. Of course, most of Wine Country that will attend the super concert tonight will certainly ask for "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" (Bottle of Red, Bottle of White)

  2. Billy Joel's MotherSeptember 5, 2015 at 5:52 PM

    William, you left your action figures in the bathtub again; please get them now.

  3. I recognize his voice and piano songs right away, but if I ever found myself standing behind Billy Joel in a Safeway, I probably would not recognize him at all. He looks like your average well to do 60 year old man, likely of Jewish descent, now dressed in Jazz Singer clothes. I would guess he has a work out to counteract all the time spent sitting down at a piano. Like many professional musicians, I hear Billy Joel is a notoriously bad driver and parker of cars. We can't all be perfect.

    1. You'd know him. Dresses completely in black because it is 'slimming' and he will have some expensive booze in his basket.

  4. Nice set he played at AT&T . . .