Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mibach And Sacto Newbie Arnold Get Skewered At KTVU Over 4PM Newscast After Only One Month; 415 Media Wednesday Finale

 KTVU  Mibach-Arnold deliver less than mediocre numbers at new 4 PM show.

*Management "deeply and profoundly"shocked at one-month mark.

*Newsroom personnel say profound surprise at both Mibach and Arnold's "lack of energy."

One source: "She's (Arnold) a Sacramento 'lightweight." In other words? "She doesn't know the market here." After just 30days? Rough.

Same source on Mibach: "He's just coasting in here--This isn't Mornings on Two--you really have to work here --it's a newscast." OUCH!

*Tension is mounting everywhere. Rank and file befuddled.


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  1. Damnit, don't you people know Mibach will read anything you put on the teleprompter?

  2. It's a poorly produced news program like the rest of KTVU. I only watch KGO now because they deliver a solid professional product with minimum chattiness and little focus on social media. What's happened to KTVU is just sad. Don't blame the talent. Mibach is a very good reporter and news reader. Shame.

    1. I never did see how they could hope to go up against Channel 7 - they've been doing a 4:00 newscast ever since Oprah went off the air -- that's several years so they have had a long time to perfect their product.

    2. It does not need to be a ratings powerhouse. The show is there to be a vessel for the political ads that will be flooding the airwaves soon.\

      They are willing to give it time.

  3. Halfass numbers from a couple of halfass Tards; what else would you expect. Keba, I'd like some extra ketchup with my go!

  4. Just fire both of them.

  5. Wait a sec...
    What ratings are mentioned here/
    Is this info based on the MAY book or the July ratings?

    If it's just newsroom gossip please say such. I sure don't think anyone was expecting giant numbers in the debut month of May.
    And the July book ended like 5 mins ago.

  6. Really, who cares? I'm still trying to figure out why the Chronicle did a swarmy Q and A with Kibbles and Bits Arnold a few months ago? Like she's some big deal? Who ever heard of her?

  7. Mike Mibach was good on Mornings on 2. They should've left him there. On the 4pm newscast he acts like "Do I really have to do this?" He also can't ad lib to save his life.

    Keba is growing on me. She actually cares about the newscast and clearly wants to do good. Give her a bit more time and she'll be up to Bay Area speed.

  8. Wonder if the source thought Pete Wilson was a Sacramento "lightweight". Note to SF every newscast in your market is at best ordinary. Case you hadn't noticed Van Amburg and Dave McElhatton aren't on the air anymore. Even Frank Magid couldn't kill their abilities.

  9. Haven't the O&O's realized the Bay Area does not watch news? The only people watching are 55+. No millennial is sitting in front of the tube at 4pm waiting with baited breath for the stories of the day, no matter who is reading it. Handsome as Mike Mibach may be, I'm not going out of my way to turn it on. Stop pretending you don't understand this, news honchos. Nobody cares about your news product at 4pm, 6pm or 11pm. I'll get it from the internet on my own time!!!

  10. There are Seinfeld reruns on at 4pm. When I am home, that is what is on