Tuesday, July 21, 2015

KGO-TV's Eric Thomas and Kristen Sze Pretty Much Still Can't Stand Each Other; Tuesday Afternoon Delight

Don't be deceived by the picture; KGO-TV's morning anchors, Eric Thomas and Kristen Sze pretty much still can't stand one another; actually, Thomas is really more annoyed with Sze than Sze is with him. Supposedly, she's very insecure and a pain in the ass to work with, but work they do, it's a good thing it's not any heavy lifting and just merely morning TV news breaks.

Sze's work attitude has become diva-like and divas don't usually fare well in the long run; well, unless some of them have extra-special in-house benefits.

Maybe that Sze insecurity has a lot to do with this? Oh, come now, never!

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  1. Eric Thomas is THE worst. Unwatchable. He's worse than... than... well.... Dave Clark. There... I said. He's worse that Dave Clark. (Wow... I feel better)

    1. Not possible. If you're gonna lie, you have to keep it believable.

  2. He looks much happier, like today, when she's not around.

  3. He's probably bent that he has to go do reporting a few days a weeks why she sits on her anchor desk throne. Wasn't she being a pain when Daetz got the evening job?

  4. Hey, the gray background looks better than the black.!

  5. It must pissed off Ms Sze that her former worker - Ms. J. Wang is doing better than her.

  6. She shops for clothes at the same store as my wife. Not saying which store, but you would be surprised.

    She is always nice and chit chats and I have always thought she is pretty.

    I have the feeling most guys who post here, don't know how to talk to women and probably don't get any at home!

  7. when I see her, the only thing that comes to mind, is what color her panties are today....sorry, had to say it....I'm SICK, I know....but don't say half of your were thinking the same....!!!

  8. Well I have to say they are pretty professional about it on-air. I started watched them when Rich first posted about this and I haven't detected any smoldering hatred.

    I have to agree with 7:59, the Wanger has done well at KNTV as the 5PM anchor and Sze was the one who got her into journalism.

  9. This is 7:5 9er. One of the game principles is that one has stay ahead of anyone that he/she has introduced into the game.

    If not, these people will look down at you later on, when they are professionally ahead of you.

    When Sze saw the Wanger got ahead of her, she finally realized that she is behind in the game and had to pursue Ms. C. Johnson's job. Since Ms. Daez got the job, Sze realized that "she missed her "real" opportunity and it might be too late for her to advance professionally. She also saw Ms. Vega advanced over her to national TV.

    Look at Ms. Sze career. There is nothing great about her current career to warrant a big jump in her career. Conclusively, Ms Sze didn't understand the criteria of the "Little Hollywood" game especially in the area of advancing.

    "Ms. Sze, If you are reading this item, try re-evaluating your career in terms of real professional achievements. It ain't much. Is it?

    It is only a matter of time, the management will find another person cheaper, prettier and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. (Kissing up to the boss is not going to help you forever.)

    Look at Ms. Vega rise from SF Chronicle to ABC7 to ABC news . She did everything correctly. Study and reflect. "

    Remember there are no real mentors 99 % of the time, (esp if you are not paying for it) regardless of the profession.

    I have known people in the local news game. They are more like connectors than deep strategic thinkers. Some of them are self-fish dumb shits who have survived on their connections and being nice and friendly to the "brainwashed" masses. .

    Life sucks in the fast lane in the narrow road of success,

    Pseudo ambition and unfocused aspiration have destroyed many careers.

    Those who have drank the hemlock of personal distraction, realized that it does not taste good.