Friday, July 31, 2015

Cumulus Loses More Money And It's The End Of The Month; Raiders Hire Woman Broadcaster For TV Pre-Season Games; Friday Quick Opener

Cumulus is still bleeding money; their national revenue just this quarter alone is down almost $300M and when this happens usually bad things happen to some of their workers on the last day of the month.

*The Raiders have announced that Beth Mowins, an ESPN veteran announcer, will call their 2015 Pre-Season games.

Former Raiders Tim Brown and Matt Millen will join Mowins in the booth.

Beth Mowins --new Raiders Pre-Season TV Broadcaster


  1. Hey Cumulus, here's a savings tip for you: quit paying for Lowenstein's top-tier meals & tell him "Look, buddy, it's bagels & kool-aid for you!!"

  2. All that consultant talent and Cumulus can't make money in broadcasting?

  3. So Cumuless is going to have the money to buy CBS radio as some are speculating???

    Would inserting some "dashes" make that funnier??

  4. "The Raiders have announced that Beth Mowins, an ESPN veteran announcer, will call their 2015 Pre-Season games."

    Does she have a place in Carson?

  5. Mowins is solid, she does college football for ESPN and Softball. Why are the Cumulus stockholders not up in arms or is it all the Dickey's who own it?

  6. Get her a uni, and put some pads and a helmet on her. She might be better between the lines than some of their "talent" in recent years.

  7. Glad to see that gawdawful Plunkett and Flores aren't doing the telecasts. Millen is good.

  8. Who would even waste time watching a Raiders game or going to one?

    1. I've learned to never go to a Raiders game because of the game. It's more fun just to watch the crazy people having a good time. The game is almost always a bummer.

  9. Here are the real Cumulus Media numbers

    Three Months Ended June 30, 2015
    Net revenue - 299M down 8.8% from 2014
    Earnings EBITDA - 80,8M
    EPS - $0.05 vs $0.06 (2014)
    source: yahoo finance

  10. When is the Board of Directors at Cumulus Media going to stop re-arranging the deck chairs on their sinking Titanic and give the axe to those bozo Dickey brothers? You know, the two incompetents who are wholly responsible for this ongoing corporate disaster?? I'm beginning to think that the Dickey's ultimate goal is to get Cumulus' common stock de-listed. If so, I think they're nearing their goal.

    Do the Dickeys hold digital photos of the corporation's directors cavorting nude in the fields with a flock of sheep??

    Dump those two losers, sell off your broadcast holdings, and begin buying up sewage pumping firms all over the globe. That sort of venture would be more up your company's alley, than your bumbling mis-management of radio and TV outlets has been.

  11. Many, many years ago (late 70's), I worked at the Lew Dickey, Sr - owned WOHO in Toledo, from which the toxic cancer known as Cumulus eventually sprang.

    Old man Dickey was kind of an odd duck, but he ran a pretty decent radio station.

    At the time young Lew was a pimply-faced 14 year old kid who hung around the radio station doing the occasional odd job, which usually consisted of cleaning carts, taking out the trash, and mowing the lawn.

    It really disappoints me to see what Lew Dickey, Jr has become. If anyone should have grown up into a great radio guy, it should be Lew Dickey, Jr. It's in his blood.

    Instead we have the mess that is Cumulus. So sad.

  12. Feel sorry for those who may be let go. Take KGO as an example: bring in suits (male and female) and expect miracles from folks who didn't know the territory (except, perhaps for one, a female) and who generally were not a good fit for the KGO turmoil. Reminds me of all the empty suits I saw come and go in two small newspaper chains, where I was an editor of several newspapers at different times. High-priced "talent" that ALWAYS washed out because they didn't know the community, the advertisers or the business. Had great resumes. Just didn't deliver results.