Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon; Go Warriors


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  1. Cumulus Corporate HQJune 9, 2015 at 5:34 PM

    GO WARRIORS!!! I'll be eagerly watching the game tonight, will you? For as Maureen Langan recently said "Jim won't be at work today, he has the measles...in his ass!!!"

  2. The Warriors are in the toilet where they belong!
    GO CAVS!

  3. I've always loved that song, and the orchestration that goes with the singing.
    Just goes to show you that any day in the week, any moment of the day can take on special significance once you allow yourself to see the beauty and mystique of that time.
    There's Monday, Monday, by the Mamas and Pappas, plus many songs about Friday; Friday on my mind, by David Bowie, Friday I'm in Love, by The Cure.

  4. Takeaways from Games 2 and 3:

    -Iguodala and Lee need to start Game 4.

    -Warriors show no intensity or passion until the final quarter and by then, it's too late.

    -Refs repeatedly let LeBron yell at them, travel, push off and in the case of Game 3, plow into his opponent's legs without a single foul being called. Meanwhile, the Warriors can't even look at LeBron without being slapped with a penalty.

    -Cavs are allowed to play physical while the Warriors aren't. Excessive fouls on the Warriors slow their rhythm and constantly places the Cavs at the free throw line. However, by letting the Warriors "get away" with an occasional foul or two, the Refs give the illusion that bad calls go both ways when, in fact, they don't. And the most detrimental ones given are those that cost the Warriors.

    -ESPN and the NBA desperately want the "How An Injured, Fatigued LeBron Singlehandedly Won the Championship and Saved His City" storyline to become a reality. In fact, it was already written before the Finals began.

    -This series is not "like Memphis."

    1. What a cry baby.
      A small Australian named Matt Dellavedova is teaching Curry and Thompson and the Warriors how to play small basketball.
      HA HA HA HA.

    2. @12:07
      Please. No one cries more than "LeBrawn." And your little Australian kangaroo isn't schoolin' anyone. Barely made it to the end of Game 3 and then collapsed from severe exhaustion afterwards. Who would've thought being permanently latched to Curry's jersey and running through screens would be so taxing?

  5. Umm, this is pretty normal for the NBA finals. It's extremely physical, and underneath anything goes. It's the reason Charles Barkley did not think a jump shooting team could win the title. There's no way Cleveland or any other team could maintain this kind of intensity during the regular season...it's a reason why Warriors can cruise through the regular season but not necessarily the playoffs. Oh, and ESPN and the NBA are rooting for one thing...a 7 game series, which maximizes exposure, ratings and $$. No one cares at ESPN or the NBA cares about anything beyond that. All that said, if the Warriors can win game 4, the outlook would completely turn around.

  6. Umm, 12:12, the contrived storyline results in ratings and yes, $$, which is exactly why it's being milked. Obviously, when the series is over everyone will move on. But until then, ESPN and the NBA certainly DO care about whether LeBron is able to pull off the miraculous and will pump that storyline as much as they can. By the way, this ain't goin' 7; it will be over in 6.