Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Breaking: Veteran Morning Personality Jack Kulp Gets Canned By KOIT

  Reason #78,654 as to why you should never go into radio.

Veteran KOIT Radio morning personality and Bay Area broadcast veteran, Jack Kulp, has been fired.

More galling: Kulp found out his demise via this note.

No wonder radio is becoming a wasteland.


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  1. Like the newspaper - local radio may be going the way of the dodo bird! With a pallet of choices available on satellite - - with its clear signal - - why even tune into local AM?
    Let's face it, it's an old technology. If KGO can be stamped out with such ease, what hope is there for anyone else???

    1. First it was TV that was going to kill radio.
      Then the 8-track car stereo.
      Then cassettes.
      Then CDs.
      Now the Internet.
      Or satellite, for those very few who have it.
      Yet Neilsen reports that 90% of Americans tune to radio each week, with the average listener tuned in for over 2 hours per day. (Tell that to your dodo bird!)
      To paraphrase Mark Twain: Reports of radio's demise are premature. Frequent, but premature.

    2. Few with satellite??? If you are of a certain age, more than likely the next new car you buy will have Sirius! Especially in the Bay Area.

  2. I never heard of this guy but if a legend such as Gene Burns can be fired and escorted out of the building with security in tow then anything is possible. Tom Leykis made a good point yesterday about program directors. Why are they always chasing a demographic that is not interested in listening to radio? In this case they hire a 26 year old to attract younger listeners. Why!? Instead the focus should be on those who already listen to the medium. Millennials don't listen to an radio you morons.

  3. radio is old technology. so is wind. yet somehow wind is making a comeback. maybe it's because someone else figured out how to use it better?

    i don't know what his ratings/trends were so it's hard to say it's the wrong move. all shows change over time. in fact i believe radio relying on the same voices for years and years is what has doomed it. comfortable PDs who don't know how to actual create talent let the shows fester endlessly.

    kgo is being run by corporate cigarette-yes man jim mahanay and sports guy lee hammer? probably an indication of why it's being "stamped out."

  4. Two words: fucked up.

    Who's running the media outlets today? Heartless venture capitalists?

  5. We set the alarm, woke up and listened to Jack for years.. I'm sorry to see he found out this way and hope that he'll be happy doing whatever he does next.

  6. KOIT lost that special sauce when Entercom bought the station from Bonneville. Jack Kulp was steady and true, but was a vestige of the old KOIT.

    ALso, with the programming changes that happened, KOIT sounds a lot like everyone else. Definitely not a good thing.

  7. Yeah; I miss Larry Ickes on KOIT, too.

  8. If you want demographics, don't forget the 70 million Boomers who still listen to radio...best wishes to Jack...thanks.

  9. I also woke up listening to Jack Kulp every morning for years. He and I shared many opinions. He was very mellow and easy to listen to and was steady and loyal to KOIT Radio for years. How grateful is KOIT for his years of service? I am sure it won't matter but I will no longer be listening to mornings on KOIT!

  10. Jack Kulp is why I tuned in every morning to listen to KOIT. His forced departure is also the reason why I've stopped listening to the station. As of this morning I've eliminated it from my pre-set stations.

  11. I am shocked to learn of this. I really have enjoyed Jack Kulp listening for 2 or more hours. I am now no longer listening to KOIT because of this. I hope he sues them for age descrimination and wins.