Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Oakland Raiders' Great Marv Hubbard Passes; 'Old Mother Hubbard'; John Madden Comments

 Marv Hubbard defined the Raiders of the 70's. He was mean, tenacious, rugged and fierce. Funny too. A real character. He didn't have the perfect football body but just gritty and big enough to play running back.

They called him "Old Mother Hubbard." Hubbard had the definitive spike, the closest thing to the real deal when diving into the end zone.

Hubbard died on Monday just a few days short of his 69th birthday.

John Madden talks about Marv Hubbard. (From KCBS)

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  1. I could name more Raiders on the 1970 team then I can right now's team. Every name seems like a classic car compared to today's throwaway future junker.
    Mother Hubbard,Old man Blanda,Big Ben Davidson..so many gone now.

  2. Thanks for posting this.

    Ken Stabler wrote that a player was either "Raider Material," or they weren't. Marv Hubbard was Raider Material, on and off the field. Lived hard, played hard; talked a good game, and could back it up with tenacity.

    Loved the old story where, in Santa Rosa, Hubbard had a few and bet that he could dive into a shot glass. Like everything else he did, he gave it his best effort! Fun guy, but when riled he could trash a room with the best of 'em. He, behind "Highway 63," trashed a lot of defenders in their day!

    Trivia: some old Raider fans will remember that Hubbard actually wore number 39 during his rookie season.

    'Ol 44, Marv Hubbard. Tough guy, tough player, great fullback, badass. RIP.

    1. Hubbard, like his teammate and eventual successor Mark van Eeghen, went to Colgate. Lots of brains to go along with that brawn!

  3. My Dad was always off work Sunday & Mondays. So one Monday when I was in grade school, instead of me going to school my Dad took me up to Santa Rosa to watch one of the practices. He told me don't tell your Mom. The players were awesome and I got a couple footballs, jersey's, photos with the players etc. Well when we got home it took me but a couple minutes to tell Mom and show her all the stuff I got. Haha.

    After that my Dad gave me a "little talk" and explained to me how Omerta works!