Thursday, April 23, 2015

Notarangelo KPIX Less Spin; Pero's Biggest KRON Suck Up: Gary Radnich; KGO Radio Nuggets; Morning Notes


Ann Notarangelo didn't just make the decision to split KPIX spontaneously --and her "next adventure" will probably take her to a new address she's no doubt worked to get to. Where is anyone's guess. This much is certain: she was tired of the weekend anchor grind. She was also less than thrilled that she wasn't considered as fixture on the weeknight newscasts. Furthermore, she knew that her compensation wasn't ever going to be increased and that she was essentially at a dead end. Combine that with the hiring of Veronica De La Cruz--the de facto time that Notarangelo began updating her resume. Unless you're a big star at 855 Battery (and there's really only two of those) salaries are stagnant and the future is muddled. Bad ratings across the board will make that happen. Notarangelo won't be the only Battery departure.

*The Generalissimo Aaron Pero's biggest advocate at KRON? Try none other than Gary Radnich. Radnich, you'll notice when he's doing shtick with the other anchors, never mentions Pero. For good reason: Pero doesn't mess with Radnich; not that he would but it's pretty common knowledge that Pero can pick and choose his victims at the station --those who get a dose of his verbal wrath. Except Gary...and Pam Moore and Catherine Heenan too. Pero's gal pal does a morning report with Raddy. Follow the leader.

*At KGO, the morning host does frequent segments with the "tech and business reporter" now about life issues, politics, etc. Yeah, somebody named Jason Middleton is suddenly KGO's latest pitch to the 17 people listening to AM radio that are young, white, and hip. Jason Middleton? Get me a local Stephen Colbert to comment, quickly.

*Add KGO: Chip Franklin: yawn.

*Add KGO 2: The Dreck Show: DOA

*Add KGO 3: "Ramma with Ronn": desperate.

*Add KGO 4: "Brian Copey Copeland": Ronn's black Clark Kent

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  1. Look, I have a nielsen box and Ann and certainly not Ms. VDLC get me to watch. Erica Kato was the only Bay talent that had me loyally tuned in.

    1. Does KPIX even have any likable female talent? Liz is a dud. VDLC seems to rub people the wrong way, appears fake. The other women, I can't even remember their names. Especially the snoozefest that they call morning news. They'd benefit from hiring someone with a strong fan base and name recognition. Erica is probably cheaper too

    2. Martin did a story on Binge Drinking in the Bay Area. I guess he knows after sitting next to his co anchor at 5 o'clock. At least for him its only 30 mins.

  2. The "scratch my back and I will scratch yours" couldn't have been more obvious between Pero and Radnich when Radnich skipped every Giant World Series game from 2010- 2014."Send JR Stone,sniff" on behalf of KRON.
    Even though for KNBR, Radnich will get up at 5am and drive to Sunnyvale for the Rod and Reel RV show. KNBR wants its moneys worth out of him.
    For the way Radnich talks on KNBR everyday,he likes to reward "friends" for favors. ask Pero about that.
    Good thing KRON's new Woman president has put her foot down. She wants to make money.

  3. Chip was doing a segment on lying and what constitutes a lie. Then he went straight into a My Pillow spiel. About the only time he has ever made me "almost " laugh. His new sponsor appears to be an erectile dysfunction clinic, which Chip said a ":friend" suffers from. He also said they have a great looking clinic, which he has seen. Hmm...

    The other day, Brett Burkhart stated that Nikki Medoro was not in. Later he said she was in but had left early because she was ill and that it was good that she had a My Pillow. Giving personal info to tie in to a commercial. classy

  4. Wonder if Notarangelo's age was considered an impediment at PIX?

  5. After Goodrich for May, think Medina will take over in June? Or will they go outside?

  6. With the amount of $$ Radnich makes why dont they just release him and save some money and no doubt hassles from him? and hire someody else.How are the ratings compared to the other stations news?

  7. I can see now why you post less and less on local sports talk shows. Radnich,Papa and Bruce are top of the heap dummies.
    I now know why your not paling around the gamez or knbr hosts. A group of men who see a shiny car and that makes them happy.

  8. My blog pissed of Damon Bruce so much,he ended his show on a Latino rant with imitation Spanglish that he himself said was racist "And I don't care". Bruce is such a lightweight upstairs. No wonder Oberman called him dumbest man in America. Called him ugliest too ..I think.
    I uh,gave back what he put out on my blog. And I did it with one hand behind my back. I don't want to have an unfair advantage over the poor sap.

  9. KRON tonight. What was the comedy bit by Radnich and Pam Moore? Bi Polar. They were having a laugh fest at the expense of people who are Bi Polar. It was bizarre. Grant Lodis stood far out of camera range on that.
    My god how insensitive can people get?

  10. Fatnitch with his BLOATED salary (as he) should receive a lot of attention from the cost conscious types. The guy has been mailing it in for years. Then again, NOBODY CARES! Who's watching? Gil Gross' four hour monologue probably has quadruple the ratings than Fatnich's sports segment. Sad state of affairs indeed!