Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Breaking: Melanie Woodrow OUT at KTVU

 FROM MY WORD in Jack London Square: Melanie Woodrow is OUT as KTVU Investigative Reporter. She was told late last week that Fox would carry only one I.R. and that is Eric Rasmussen.

Woodrow came to KTVU only a year ago  from CBS/LA with much fanfare and now has been shown the door by the budget-minded Foxies.

Her KTVU affiliation was removed from her Facebook page.

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  1. So did she move up here to Northern California from the LA area? When that happens, does the station typically help with moving expenses, or does the new employee just decide to take a big gamble with nothing at all guaranteed? That's a big lifestyle change just for one year.

  2. She can move in with me if she needs a place to crash

  3. I've never heard of this woman.

  4. Melanie Woodrow (and I hope you're reading this Mel) is an inteligent, adaptable, creative damn good, throw back, investigative reporter and overall journalist. I had a bad feeling when CBS Newspath and the Smell-Ayy duopoly CBS2//KCAL 9 let her go. She's strong and will rebound, resurface. All the best girl- it's their loss. From the OC, keep on keepin' on!

  5. I just saw her piece at the fire site .. she must have put on a ton of cosmetics .. looked like a vampire .. very poor taste when interviewing all the fire victims ..