Monday, February 23, 2015

415 Media Exclu: Jenna Susko Leaving NBC Bay Area For LA's KNBC

 NBC Bay Area has lost another reporter--my South Bay spy informs me that Jenna Susko is headed to LA to work for O and O, KNBC.

Susko was a part of the "Investigate Unit" team at the station and won numerous industry awards to boot. The move down to LA was nothing negative about KNTV; I'm told Susko liked the idea of going to the #2 market and ratings-challenged KNBC is supposedly building a bigger "I-Team."

For NBC Bay Area, it marks the sixth recent staffer to go to KNBC which is now being called "KNTV South."

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  1. Does EVERYBODY leave here for LA these days?

  2. I think the younger hopefuls sure do. If you're a younger, ambitious TV newsperson, the Bay Area makes the perfect stepping stone. I think you really have to like the area or workplace to not want to elevate your career in SoCal.

  3. And KNTV is KGO South.

  4. I wonder who is next to go to KNBC. I'm guessing it would be KPIX 5's Juliette Goodrich.