Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The 'Cookie Monster' And KGO, KNBR, KFOG; For Your Eyes Only; Secret Cumulus Informant

 He may be a she or she may be a he--that I don't know but, code name: "Cookie Monster", I do know. The Cookie Monster is a secret informant that reports to the big boys in Atlanta.

The Cumulus Cookie Monster, that is.

Newsroom KGO habitat? You bet. And believe me, the stories are hilarious --Cookie Monster is minding the store, not just KGO, but KNBR and KFOG too.

Cookie Monster reports daily back to the big boys. Who's making all that fuss in the KNBR break room? Who's that producer that occasionally takes a nap? The Cookie Monster knows. Who's the KGO Radio rep who horse collars the news car to get their own sandwiches on company time? Oh yes, she's unaware that Cookie Monster is on it and has pictures to prove it.

What KGO talk host who has told all the listeners he's really an entertainer? Walks the red carpet? Cookie Monster is on that too. It would be terribly funny if it weren't so sad.

This sounds like a joke. It isn't. It involves some of the deepest darkest secrets and it's ongoing as you all read this. A diversionary tactic? I don't think so. I think it's Atlanta's way of letting San Francisco know we're on to you. ALL of you. Worker bees. Management. The Big Boys have all your butts on high alert and you don't have a clue who's behind it all: only the Cookie Monster knows everything.



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  1. Is this supposed to be a real story? Someone in the office is reporting back to to headquarters, yeah, so what.

  2. Big bird, methinks, not the cookie monster.