Thursday, December 11, 2014

415 Media Sources: PM News Anchors Burkhart And Medoro On Way Out at KGO Radio; 'Being Heavily Discussed'


KGO Afternoon News anchors Bret Burkhart and Nikki Medoro are on their way OUT at the station.

From a couple of station sources:

*Cumulus/SF upper management suits doesn't like their preppy and pretentious style.

That's not from me, just an inside ear who says they, (SF Cluster suits), don't like their style.)

*They don't get along with a lot of the staff. Divisive too.

*They don't sound smart or well read; especially Medoro.

Again, I disagree here too. I'm not a huge fan of both; in fact, I think Medoro sounds decent but I'm in the minority.

*Their attempts to create alliances are back-firing.  Their confidants aren't confidants at all.


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  1. This is a surprise to those of us who work there but you make be getting information that we're not privy too. But "divisive?" That's simply not true. Both are well liked and respected pros who do a very good job. As far as their future goes, hey, anything is possible in the crazy world of today's media!

  2. Rich, you are so classless.

    NOTHING could be further from the truth. I worked at KGO for a long time, and these two are both fantastic people. No one works harder than Bret, and he's an absolute doll. And Nikki is one of the nicest and warmest people that's ever worked in that building.

    You have no shame, Lieberman, by "reporting" what one sorry sack tells you. Check your sources because this is nothing but garbage.

    1. Welcome back, Mel Baker.

      David K.

    2. Well David. I don't post anonymously and didn't make the above comment. There are other people who disagree with Mr. Lieberman. I don't bother to reply to Rich's posts. After all he doesn't claim to be a journalist so what's the point of debating gossip or his opinion.

    3. Mel Baker doesn't work with Nikki and Bret.

  3. "they don't sound smart or well read" ...what? Have the suits listened to their new 12-3 talker this week?

  4. Yes, 1:15 - I agree about the 12-3 guy (whose name I can't even remember)....I gave him a listen on his 2nd day, I think - and on about his 3rd time repeating the very same comment - click! Off to something else. I rarely listen to Bret and Nikki, but have certainly never heard anything derogatory about them. Still.....Cumulus is cage-rattling - so who knows??

  5. Chip Franklin is the 12-3 host. Today he mocked the sound of two different languages. In the same show he complained about racism and "Hollywood liberalism." At one point he used "at the end of the day" twice in the space of about two minutes.

    The only real bit of any interest was that a caller mentioned Merzbow. Probably the first and last time that name will be heard on KGO.

  6. "They don't sound smart or well read". That also definitely applies to Karel
    When is that abysmal fool going to Sashay his way Out at KGO Radio.

  7. I think Bret is an outstanding reporter and makes a good host. He is certainly extremely intelligent (other than staying with KGO). I don't hear the duo all that often, but I certainly enjoy them when I do. I suppose that could be why they may be getting axed. If so, another brilliant move by the Cumulus group. They haven't made a good decision in years...maybe never. And, if Chip is the example of the standards they want for hosts it is so sad. He is terrible. I couldn't stand him when he filled in for Ronnnnnnnnn and he certainly is no better and maybe worse as a regular host. LC

    1. In time, "Chip" will realize that "coming on GANGBUSTERS," and silly pre-recorded MOS comments, aren't the path to the hearts/ears of Bay Area listeners.

      Whether, or not, he "realizes" it before Cumulus makes its' next hair-brained move, is anybody's guess.

      I don't think he's stupid. Obnoxious, yes (at least, at this point) ... but not stupid.

    2. There are a lot of half-talented hosts in America who aren't deep enough to engage people on a deeper level. My gut tells me Chip is one of those people, so in lieu of being able to get there he relies on MOS comments and "shock jock" commentary. I looked him up and it read "comedian." That's the funniest thing about him.

      Better to have talk radio than their lame attempt at news but trying to make KGO conservative-lite with Batchelor and Franklin isn't a path to success. It's actually an embarrassment. Because sure they can tell these hosts to avoid politics and do general talk, but "at the end of the day" he will fall back to his conservative-white-male positions. It's who he is. A San Diego, white, Middle to late aged California Republican.

      That's Cumulus's new KGO. With Ronn's approval.

    3. I think he's from Cincinnati. He just spent a couple of years in San Diego.

    4. White person from cincinnati? One of the most conservative cities in America.