Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why Is Tom Sinkovitz Not on Bay Area TV News?

 I have some ideas, you might have some too.

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  1. Same reason as Mark Curtis.

    Their shirt collars are probably even the same size...

  2. Every product has a shelf life Rich, including all of us here. I would imagine most news professionals should know by now not to expect a lifetime position or the illusion of 'family loyalty' went the costs far outweigh the benefits. It's a hard truth, but there you are.

    1. Yeah, Sinkovitz, a seasoned veteran, is "up," while GAAMMMEE ONNNN! is the better choice.

      This is why Americans are so dumb.

  3. Sinkovitz tells it like it is, knows the value of a story, and his own value. A totally honest man. Which, of course, doesn't sit well with most news directors, especially those who have no clue. So there it is.

  4. Because Jessica Aguirre is?

  5. No offense to Mr. Sinkovitz, but he is facing what all people who live long enough have to endure--old age. That's not necessarily a bad thing, especially for a man, but Mr. Sinkovitz has not even taken rudimentary steps to mask his longevity: hair dye.

  6. Nothing ... a little touch-of-gray can't fix.
    And wolla .....perfection.
    look at the wonders of Cheryl Jennings and Diane Finestein?
    How do they do it ? ....Al these years.... and Diane still has no grey hair !.....LOL
    The aging process stopped cold.
    ... or freeze dried.

  7. Is Di-Fi still using shoe polish and coffee grounds to dye her hair? That used to be the rumor.