Saturday, November 29, 2014

KPIX News Van Gets Trashed In SF Black Friday Protests; Joe Vazquez Crew In Middle Of Mission Mayhem

 Joe Vazquez was covering the unruly protests in the city on Black Friday when a group of punks smashed several windows and threw a flare into his KPIX News van.

Vazquez and his crew were unhurt covering the mayhem which started out peaceful and then turned violent when a few several hundred knuckleheads began breaking windows, vandalizing property and creating terror near Union Square, Market Street and the Mission.

Vazquez did a live shot from the scene on the PIX 11 PM newscast and reported the incident. Several police officers were pelted with rocks and bottles and at least one officer was hit in the chest by a brick. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution and was OK.

These hooligans are not "protesters"--they're really just anarchists looking for anything as a reason to inflict terror on the people in the Bay Area. They wait until the generally peaceful protests are coming to an end and then begin vandalizing and making trouble.

Police made several arrests and the mob dissipated later into the night.

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  1. Perhaps the hooligans reacted to the spirit of NightBeat and Veronica De La Cruz's "Game On!" challenge..

  2. Maybe one of the hooligans was Stan, who just 3 days ago on this very same blog advocated violent destruction, "they should burn it down."

    Happy now Stan?

    1. Leiberman hates the idea of posting anybody who agree's with me,he will post every single post that does not agree and those are usually pure name calling- and he calls ME repetitive? And yet,he finds room to post every compliment he gets. Thats the reason for his "moderating"
      And yes,I'm happy and explained why- Leiberman though found it to much for him to handle.
      And don't send in any tips about Ken Wayne or St. Ashley,or any good example of Police brutality. he wont post them.
      I am all truth. All the time.

    2. Stan is perhaps the best thing on this blog. He is either a genius or seriously wacked out. It takes either a brilliant or a seriously defective mind to so convincingly create the delusional world the Stan lives in.

      Back to subject at hand...
      I know every time I see innocent people's property destroyed, their lives disrupted, and countless millions of scarce tax dollars spent on this "exercise of democracy", it makes me more outraged at the police and motivates me to take action to stop the shooting of black folks.

    3. First let me say that I am glad to hear that Mr. Vazquez and his crew were not hurt and that they can go on to report another day.

      But if you play with fire, sooner or later you will be burned. This is a self inflicted wound. As a student of the media, From Ferguson to San Francisco/Oakland, the media has been licking its chops goading these hooligans into lawlessness. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, the networks and the locals. Shame on you all. Waiting around for something to happen explaining to viewers that nothing's going on yet, but we are standing by. Causal observers: BS. As Elliot Cavers said in Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies, "Let the mayhem begin."

      No I don't blame the reporters, but I do blame those who put them there. I used to work downtown. Used to listen to the mid day demonstrations. Would spool up for the noon newscasts and disperse at the bottom of the hour.

      Most people are just trying to get by, make a living and get along. The silent majority are those who are delayed in getting home or even worse having their jobs, businesses or livelihoods disrupted as a result of thugs and the media that eggs them on. Why don't you report on that? It's shameful.

    4. Sorry, but I don't understand this post. "Everytime I see innocent people's property makes me more outraged at the police"? Do you think the police are destroying property? Did the police trash the news van?

  3. How the police are able to restrain themselves from not fighting back is beyond me.