Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dish and Comcast Duke It Out Live, Local, and Beyond; It's Pouring Outside, Storm Desk Alert; Sunday 415 Media

 By now you know Dish Network and Comcast are feuding--it's about money. It always is.

And not just here, either.

The details on this dispute has become so public and hostile that one side has already began an on-air marketing campaign to get the public's ear.

Jim Nantz and Phil Simms have participated. As usual, the viewing audience gets lost in the shuffle. Never before has the interests of the consumers been so voided, I know, I know, I'm being naïve, it's all about the money and when it delves into the Benjamin category it loses all perspective.

I don't have Dish-- I'm a Comcast subscriber, but watching these two gargantuan companies duke it out is mildly amusing. Perhaps not if your a Dish subscriber, (and there's 20 million of those out there)--but ultimately it'll get settled when a billion here or there gets divied around.

*The weather outside is pretty gooey --time for "BREAKING NEWS" and "STORM WATCH" reports. Mill Valley, your blue jackets are about to invade the town. Get out the sand bags and load up the Starbucks.

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  1. It'll be better when comcast owns Time Warner.

    Conservatives believe that's capitalism and competition.

    1. It won't be long before Liberals believe every non-citizen should have free cable or satellite paid for by working Americans. They already get free food, medical care, housing, education and cash just to name a few off the backs of working Americans. But hey, just as long as they get those votes, real Americans be damned.

    2. "Non-citizens" vote?

    3. Meanwhile, 11:47, our veterans get shit upon. This truly is the heyday of liberal politics, and our demise.

      KPIX is begging and pleading for support as DISH is dumping their shameful broadcasts. I'll miss an occasional Judge Judy show but that's about it.

    4. Good point on the veterans. So true, god bless them.

    5. To underscore how the liberal machine has no shame, President Obama looks into the camera and says in no uncertain terms that this executive order only delays deportation and does not give illegals any "extra" benefits.

      We then find out about a week later this is not true and they can get Social Security and Medicare. What is left that they cannot get?

    6. If you think theres a liberal machine then you truly are a moron. Politics exists solely so corporations can run roughshod over American workers. The fall of unions coincides perfectly with the depletion of voters having a voice.

      FOX News loves puppets like you.

      And there are countless conservatives receiving welfare checks, my friend. I lived in south Carolina and Florida. I've seen it first hand. You? Have you ever lived in these intolerant places? Surely you haven't. You stay here where it's cozy and safe. Where the liberals are.

    7. 6:59pm. Excellent post.

  2. Not just CSN, DishTV is also in dispute with CBS (and affiliated networks) and just settled with Turner (CNN, AMC, etc) after a very irritating blackout period. It seems Dish has a default position of trying to drag the customers into their disputes with the networks instead of just negotiating with the networks. They blocked CSNBA a couple years back about this time of year. Had to watch the Sharks games on some Spanish sports site. There's always DirectTV though. Just getting tired of the drama

  3. WAtch you dont get a reduction in bill without CBS or CSN airing.

  4. The other night, I heard Fitz give a plug for CSN against Dish and something in my gut made me immediately side with Dish.