Tuesday, October 7, 2014

San Francisco Market: Lightweights And Wussies

 San Francisco Market: home of lightweights and wussies.

We're not breaking any new ground here. It's been that way for quite some time and indicative of an industry-wide malaise punctuated with a bunch of no-talent hacks who play kissy-kissy with their no-talent mangers.


The consumers out here are all wise to you. They see through all the BS and have managed to see the light.

Welcome to the show, wussies. At least we're honest here.

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  1. Meanwhile, all is blowing up over at 2 Jack London...

  2. Hey Rich, was wondering if you knew whatever happened to these fine bay area broadcasters of yesteryear, when the profession was an art and not so much of a 'business' run by phonies talking out of both sides of their mouth in three piece suits.

    KGO TV sports anchor from the 1970s John O'Reilly.
    Giants radio play by play announcer Art Eckman
    KGO TV and former Niners TV Voice Bob Fouts
    KPIX TV sports anchor Jan Hutchins
    and KTVU weekend sports anchor Mike Chamberlain.

    Any idea where some of these guys are now?

  3. Uh-oh:

    I just saw on TVSpy that Fox has chosen a GM and ND for KTVU...and they're both from the East Coast.

    We've all seen that the old KTVU--the one that we all grew up watching--has been unofficially "dead" for a few years now. These hirings make it official.

    1. Rich has been reporting on those moves for quite some time. I'm waiting to see if and when KGO let Cheryl Jennings and Christian Spencer go, as he has reported a while back.

  4. On Sunday morning at KTVU while reporting on the enterovirus, they put up a graphic that read "ebola." Yep.

  5. John O'Reilly? Left the bay area in the late 70s and went to Houston to do drive time radio in the mornings.

    Art Eckman? Became an anchor on Nascar TV

    Bob Fouts? Now retired after working for ABC radio sports until about 2002 and lives in the Marina with his wife.

    Jan Hutchins? Has his own consulting business and is out of broadcasting. He did spend time at KICU TV 36, San Jose as a news anchor in the early 1980s.

    And finally..Mike Chamberlain? He became a sports anchor in Phoenix TV after leaving KTVU and was at a station there for well over 20 years before retiring a few years back.