Friday, October 10, 2014

One On One -TGIF 415 Media Video Finale

{Hall & Oates}

Have a great weekend. Thanks to all the readers of 415 Media.

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  1. Hall & Oates were a study in contrasts; Daryll Hall, tall, athletic good looking, with a great tenor, perfect for pop music. Daryl had a good voice, this long before auto-tune.
    I don't know all that John Oates contributed to the duo. Maybe he was involved in the songwriting and music direction, just like the second sister in the group Heart with Ann and Nancy Wilson. Todd Rundgren was instrumental (no pun intended) in helping Hall and Oates produce a string of easy listening, foot tapping music. Daryl has at least one out of wedlock son out there, one adult son who looks exactly like he used to.

  2. Hard to believe that Daryl Hall is 68.