Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Media Items: Cleveland Radio Retread on KSFO; KNBR Commercial Overload Loses a Listener; Dana King Was Exhausted at KPIX; KTVU Staff In The Lurk; Quit Screaming Larry Krueger; Smile Peggy Bunker; 415 Media Wednesday

  Cleveland retread radio talk-show host named Bob Frantz on KSFO, congrats Metheney, you have tons of ingenuity, although nobody listens to 560 AM anyway, and KGO for that matter.

*Women at KRON: show up to work en masse with cigar in hand and blow smoke at Pero. If he screams at you, e-mail me, I have an idea.

*Gene is a truck driver who lives in San Bruno. Diehard 49ers/Giants fan. Listens to KNBR. Uh, wait...Gene is fed up with Knibber's 34 minutes of commercials in an hour during the Radnich/Krueger and has abandoned the Bleeder.

"The commercials suck--I know they have to pay the bills but they're being greedy --I'm through," says Gene.

I'm sure Gene is not alone.

*Dana King was on my radio show on Tuesday and basically said she was "exhausted" and ready to move on from PIX. She's now running in Oakland for a city council seat. When politics are more sedate then local TV news then you know what the state of TV news is like.

*Dear Vern Glenn: When you act real and genuine, (and he has, lately), then you look and sound sincere, genuine and don't need the Radnich approach which is not cool.

*KTVU: Yeah, I'm aware all of you are wanting to know who's minding the store--be patient, shit hits the fan in two weeks when the Fox people invade and the Boston GM has coffee talk. Senior reporters, beware. He's probably going to make a few up-front moves that's bound to piss off the rank and file.

*Peggy Bunker looks a little tired at NBC Bay Area and shouldn't. People down the 101 think you can be a real star so smile a bit, Peg.

*David Louie: bullet-proof.

*Houston ComcastSportsNet is laying off about 74 people--the rumors have already begun at the SF shop.

*Larry Krueger: quit screaming. Be yourself. The slop next to you has called it in you don't have to follow lead.

*Mike Mibach: Did you finally get that raise you were seeking? I'd wait for the Foxies before you request the extra 20 grand.

*Dan Rosenheim: If they throw in "complete editorial control", then take the KTVU offer. PIX is headed in the wrong direction --GAME ON!

*Tracey Watkowski: Is Freedman still upset? Tell him I'll buy lunch for you, me and him at Grumpy's and we'll party like it's 1999.

*Aaron Pero and her: people behaving badly.

*Greg Papa: overrated on radio; underrated on the studio shows.

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  1. Darya is behaving badly? I wish it was my bedroom.

  2. Don't say "the 101". We are not SoCal barbarians here.

    And Greg Papa is overrated, period. Never understood what the big deal was with him. Too smarmy East Coast for me, and I'll never forgive him for dissing the Giants when he was an A's broadcaster then doing the Giants' pre and postgame shows like it was no big deal. Phony twit.

  3. I'm not aware of how listeners and critics generally view Papa's show on The Game, but I've personally found him to be more interesting on radio than when he's on CSN. With TV, the format doesn't allow him to display his vast sports knowledge and he's restricted on what he can say. With The Game, he's encouraged to delve into controversial subjects and give his opinions. When he hosts shows on CSN, he facilitates discussion, asking others for their views. His approach on TV is a lot more structured and scripted than radio.

    Krueger has a tendency to be a blowhard, but I think it comes from a genuine passion for the sports he covers. Whether by design or not, his on-air image and personality resembles that of the average hardcore middle-age sports fan. This helps him connect with KNBR listeners. As I've commented before, I think he's a poor man's Greg Papa. He's not nearly as knowledgeable as Papa, but he does know football. And it's his knowledge and passion for football is what I believe gives him value to Cumulus.

  4. Rich, isn't Bob Franz a Bay Area retread? I could have sworn he was on 1050 back in the late 90's with Ron and Don, and JT the Brick (local show).

    1. Yes he was shill for the Raiders when 1050 aried them

  5. <*Dana King was on my radio show on Tuesday and basically said she was "exhausted" and ready to move on from PIX. She's now running in Oakland for a city council seat. When politics are more sedate then local TV news then you know what the state of TV news is like.> Rich! Dana shouldn't be complaining about her work based on the amount of money she was making. The problem with people of her niche is that she does not understand what "real work" is

    Another good post by you, Rich

  6. Before I call it a day....Monte Poole is now a columnist for the Mercury,while still blogging at Comcast. How bad have ethics gotten? Seems wrong to me. That's way too much in bed with too many interests. I uh,for some reason get only a blank page when I went to his mercury article. His name in big article. Do I scare the corrupt local sports media that much?
    Speaking of that ..Dan Dibley went on a rant on Yahoo..Dibs called the Mercury columnists,Purdy,Kawakami and Thompson as beholden to the man unlike his own independence. Dan's right,when he's right. He also took a shot at THEGAMES Guy Haberman,calling him a little 5'5" petite guy..or a 5' 5" little guy who likes the Giants pitcher by that name..hee.
    The A's..still sinking like rocks. Damn i'm good. Very good.

    1. Simply not true. Poole left Bay Area News Group (which owns the Mercury News) to join Comcast.

  7. Why is 'Dibs' (AKA Daffy Duck). even on the Yahoo sport show? He's a traffic guy now. Where are his credentials as a sports reporter? The fact that Kozy uses him on his show is a sign of how desperate that program has gotten.

  8. why is David Louie bullet proof?

  9. Thanks for the Peggy Bunker mention...she is a hottie to me....!!!