Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday PM TV Dinner Nuggets; Certain 49ers Game Plan; Somerville KTVU Power Play; Radnich Joke And The KTVUer; Armstrong And Getty Money Move; Larry Baer Mayor Talk

 *Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Brent Jones ...versus the rest. Other than 49ers, notice a pattern here? Think outside the lines.

*Frank Somerville in the man in the middle of the KTVU girly fight and it's this simple: He could pick Gasia over Julie or vice-versa, right? Wrong. And that's where it's getting interesting.

*About five years ago at an industry event, Gary Radnich made a joke at the expense of the KTVU guy--the same guy who listens and texts the show today so even though said guy didn't appreciate the remark and told enough people he's either got a short memory or loves morning sports radio.

*Hey, Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area: Google: "Dana Stubblefield."

*"Armstrong and Getty", the Sacramento alleged radio duo have a contract coming up and think they're worth a whole lot more than the "I-Heart-Media", former Clear Channel mutants the way, Clear Channel has a $19B debt due next year. Advantage, management.

*KQED: Start spreading the bonuses among the worker bees otherwise the union has a surprise.

*Larry Baer: If the Giants continue as second fiddle to the 49ers he'll run for mayor of SF.

*KPIX: That screw-up in master control the other night would have been worse had Cook been at the anchor desk. I know that--what's more telling is one of your "stars" even dreaded the thought via text to me.

*Sarah and Vinnie: It would be mucho helpful if you actually vetted your own staff. They like to sing at Hunan if you know what I mean. (Shhhh.)

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  1. Looks like you cleaned out your freezer for the first time in 35 years...

  2. It's a management advantage to have 19B in debt. Rich when did you attended Haas?

  3. I think I've figured out why Elizabeth Cook has those elocution problems: The teleprompter scrolls too fast.

    Should be an easy fix.

    1. The other night, she said "herring" when she meant to say harrowing.

    2. If I'm the writer, I'm using easy words. On the other hand, maybe I'd use adult words to continue to expose that unqualified ditzy bimbo who didn't earn her job.

    3. Elizabeth goes to the Tori Campbell School of Elocution. Recently, the word,
      "revered" was on screen. Tori pronounced it "rev-verd".

  4. > Frank Somerville ... could pick Gasia over Julie or vice-versa, right? Wrong.
    > And that's where it's getting interesting.

    It could. But you don't tell it. What's the point?

  5. Larry Baer, Mayor. Hell, frozen over.

  6. One thing people who have had any dealings with the Giants have learned: don't mess with Larry Baer. He may come across like a nice guy, who he's out for number one.