Tuesday, September 9, 2014

KNBR Morning Midgets Do Live Remote From Levi's Stadium While The Ray Rice/NFL/Goodell Controversy Plays Out; A New Low For The Frat Boys And Sports Bleeder

If you love unintentional comedy do yourself a favor and listen to the KNBR Morning Show every now and then--like on Tuesday morning, for example.

The local frat boys, even by their own goofy standards, managed to outdo themselves.

We all know the biggest story on the platform, the story that's migrated from the toy dept. to news, to culture, to national spotlight involves Ray Rice, the NFL and its increasingly questionable behavior and response to the Rice video--all of this really, category 4 storm of mass proportions that makes the NFL and Roger Goodell look like Watergate players.

Back to the frat boys; the dubious ones took their show down to Levi's Stadium LIVE! trying diligently to broadcast a neutral show all the while hopelessly whoring on the business that matters most: the 49ers new stadium in the background as their template with, (good for them), an interview with CEO, Jed York.

Of course, the powers-that-be at KNBR and Cumulus, with a vested eye on their most profitable and popular outlet, the 49ers--who have their own mini Ray Rice, (maybe), could have nixed the Levi's remote and told team officials it would look and sound unseemly if the Leader would be broadcasting live from an NFL affiliate while the region and nation were still reacting to the Rice/Goodell/NFL shenanigans. This is both a reasonable and read-the-room business decision--making KNBR, God forbid, seem like a reasonable corporate decision-maker, only KNBR, owned by a corporate misfit has no pulse when it comes to such affairs.

We're left then with KNBR's trivial morning doofus act doing a bizarre remote, LIVE!, from the stadium; hawking Santa Clara hotels, boosting the experience of eating from the buffet at all the wonderful restaurants and then going to the game. Even frat boy 1, Murphy, trying his best to sound outraged is hawking a book about Levi's! How neutral, how sweet, how thoroughly Knibberish!

Think about it: how the hell can the Bleeder make any of their white-male beer and boob throng feel as if they're attempting to provide an honest template while doing a live remote from the stadium which houses one of the NFL's affiliates? You do a booster club broadcast from the stadium and try to justify it because the CEO came on, (finally), and Murphy did a half-ass interview? Please.

And let's talk about that "interview." Softball questions extraordinaire, the "due process" spiel coming out every five minutes by Jed, sorry but you had a chance to grill Mr. York on the very legitimate questions surrounding Mr. McDonald with the Ray Rice/NFL/Goodell massacre in the background and you FAILED miserably, frat boys.

The Tuesday remote from Levi's should have NEVER taken place. Not under THESE circumstances. There's a time and a place. It was NOT good business and it sounded uber-funky on the air even by the doofus KNBR/Cumulus standards. But damn the national conscience, damn the local women demo, (wait, KNBR has no real regard for women), and business as usual. Moral dilemma? The last time the Bleeder had a moral compass, Frank and Mike were at the microphones. Way back, way back.

I have friends who work for the 49ers. This is awkward for me to write this because it's indirectly not good business for me to chastise a relationship. But not talking about it would be wrong too. All of it, including the radio station that broadcasts its games, tries to make it look as if it were actually attempting to cover the BIG story all the while doing a remote from the company outpost is shallow, hollow, and completely disingenuous.

I did a couple of belly-laughs as Murphy, coming back from spots, glorified the "spacious new KNBR studios" at Levi's Stadium with York in the background was tantamount to describing the execution room at San Quentin before the lethal cocktail was injected. Nice, KNBR.

What an utter joke.

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  1. Make up your mind Rich.

    Yesterday, Kate Scott made too big a deal about Rice. Today, Murph and Mac didn't cover it enough?

    Which is it?

  2. Just when you thought local radio couldn't sink any further... You can have all of them. Combined, their talent quotient wouldn't even hit the tens digit.

    Thank goodness for satellite radio.

  3. I agree that the timing of this remote was ridiculous and tone deaf.

    And I expected to hear softball questions too.

    But did you actually listen to the interview before your post?

    I for one was quite surprised that Murphy asked the questions he did, and how he did. He said pretty directly that he and others thought that York had fucked up in his response to the Ray McDonald situation.

    In order to have credibility when you rip, you have to also give credit when it's due.

    1. What would you have asked, Rich?

      I inquire because you obviously have issues with the extended segment that they did with York...tell us what you'd have fired at York and how you would have approached it, you must have some thoughts

  4. So it was basically an infomercial? Who listens to crap like that? There are some seriously demented 49er fans out there.

    Murphy seems like a smart guy, but when he does stuff like this, he's nothing more than a shill. He tries to hold onto his journalistic credentials, but working KNBR makes it impossible to maintain objectivity.

  5. I'm more surprised that anybody tuned in and was able to listen to actual "content" on the KNBR airwaves instead of the 30 minutes of commercials each hour. No joking - every time I turn the radio on, they are in a commercial break. I guess that's a good thing, because then I turn the radio off and fire up my SiriusXM app on my iPhone.

  6. Rich, I'll tell you what, I do listen to Murph & Mac and yes, many, many times they are clowns...but,like 9:59, I too ask: did you actually hear the interview? Murph put on his reporters hat with Jed ( who came off not like a leader but like a kid put in charge)...Murph also finally got over his fear/trepidation with Harbaugh last week...I will always disagree with you on Kate Scott...Paulie Mac is and will always be one of the many rock doofus yahoos that inhabit our little corner of the world.

  7. "...could have nixed the Levi's remote and told team officials it would look and sound unseemly if the Leader would be broadcasting live from an NFL affiliate while the region and nation were still reacting to the Rice/Goodell/NFL shenanigans.."

    Rich, you are an idiot.

  8. Lieberman has been more wrong about this whole thing than anyone at KNBR and yet day after day he launches these incendiary attacks on Radnich, Scott, Murph and Mac, KNBR.

    If you listen to KNBR instead of Lieberman, you'd realize they have covered this extensively and not pulled any punches.

    What is with Lieberman's vendetta against KNBR?

    1. Thank You KNBR media relations department:(

    2. Hey 1037: what's with you? Have you been duped? Are you a zombie? Why am I asking? The answer is obvious. The Sports Bleeder has bled all over you.

  9. The one who's failed most in this whole story is Rich Lieberman. He constantly switches sides and manufactures reasons to rip KNBR. All he does is blame others who are doing a hell of a lot better covering the story than he is.

  10. 95.7 The Game interviewed a domestic violence expert from Cal who admitted she hadn't seen the video and knew very little about the Ray Rice incident. Professional broadcasting right there.

  11. I will you the truth right now..Its beyond farce that the NFL wasn't too offended with video of Rice dragging his unconsciousness wife -missing one shoe- out of the elevator. But seeing the punch in blurryvision made them upset? Goodell would have been better off not saying more,but since he did it- take the deserved heat.
    And the Ravens? They have the blood of former linebackers great Ray Lewis involvement with a murder? SO they should be used to all this.... Or the Cowboys player who did no jail time for a drunk driving death?..and he's back on the roster The NFL comes down harder on weed smokers.

    And McDonald? The truth is...Radnich isn't upset he's still on the 49ers...he's upset that because Radnich pronounced that "He will never play again for the 49ers" last week,that in fact McDonald played. Radnich thinks he has the clout to tell teams who they can play,and that's just his fat ego, not feelings of an injustice at work.

    1. Stop calling these guys frat boys. Murph is a dorm nerd doing a Giants informercial so he can pay off his Mill Valley mortgage. Mac meanwhile is just a guy sponging off Murph and trying not to get fired. He contributes so little, his name isn't even mentioned in an article about his own show. Just had to stop listening a long time ago.

    2. Tim Kawakami today called the 49ers "immoral". Again,like Radnich the real motive for his vendetta isnt McDonald or Aldon Smith..its the famous or infamous question he put to Harbaugh about "reproach". Since then,the 49ers have gone from his admiring them and Jim Harbaugh, to helmeted (or coached) devils.
      And these are the best and best paid sports personalities we got?
      Cant they get anything right?

  12. the murph and mac show would be the last program I would turn to for any hard news and opinions about the Ray Rice thing. They just are not up to the task.

    1. Fixed it for you.
      "the murph and mac show would be the last program I would turn to." Period. The End.

    2. You mean a lame Mac parody song (not too mention recorded in poor audio quality) isn't being up to the task?

  13. Interesting that the two people who seem to have paid attention to the actual interview Brian Murphy did today were totally impressed. I was, too. Rich is totally wrong on this one. I wonder if he even really listened to it.

    I'll be honest, I have never been able to stand Murph and Mac. Rich calls them "frat boys" and actually I think that's a pretty fair summation of their schtick, especially Paulie Mac, aka the living Simpsons parody of a morning host.

    So when I turned on KNBR this morning on the way to work and heard that Jed York would be on, I wasn't expecting much of an interview. But damn, that was the best, toughest interview I've heard on SportsTalk radio since The Razor used to just hammer people. I'd heard Brian Murphy used to be a journalist, but this is the first time that came across on the radio. He would NOT let up on York, and York said some of the stupidest things I've ever heard trying to defend himself. He'd rather have people question his reputation than his character? Translation: "Bros before hos," I guess. News flash, asshole: Both your reputation AND your character are have sunk to new lows.

    The tough interview was all the more surprising considering that it was on KNBR, where just about every host is little more than a whore for the teams the station sponsors (Tolbert at least seems to keep some perspective, Kruger and Fitz are the worst). The best thing I've heard on Bay Area radio this year, by far.

    Can't say the same for Rich's Ted Robinson interview. Can't believe he didn't challenge Robinson's disgusting verbal vomit around this domestic violence issue. "The San Francisco Chronicle has embarrassed itself," Robinson said on air about the McDonald case yesterday. No, dickwad, you've embarrassed yourself. The Chronicle did its job, and very well. Sorry the truth threatens your fat paycheck, you scumbag. I for one will NEVER listen to him again.

  14. Too, too true Rich, the KNBR interview at Levi's Stadium with Jed York might be likened to the interview that Janay Palmer Rice, had with Roger Goodell, along with her Husband to be/abuser....Smdh!

    I'm so sick of the local Media Hacks kissing Little Jed's ring, like he is the King of the Bay Area, when everyone knows he is the Prince of Youngstown Ohio...

  15. Speaking of Jed York..he's go that weird 'do like Gene Simmons and Steven Seagal..its some kind of jet black weave and stucco hair.
    Why cant Jed just do implants? He's young. Works for Frank Somersville to whats his name- the chef who hates everybody?..like that.
    The Chron by the way..would never mention this fact. Why I fly above the crowd.