Thursday, September 25, 2014

Every SF Bay Area Weatherman Has An Orgasm Today

 Get ready for the first reports from the infamous Walnut Creek fountain.

Reporter: "Hey, how 'but this rain?" Yuppie 40-something businesswoman: "Gosh, it is so soooperb! --We really need it, I mean we really need the rain!"

Assignment editors will send reporters to do live shots all around the Bay, but heavy emphasis on Marin County.

Reporter asks Marin Water authority: "Will even a little rain help?" To which Marin Water PR rep will reply: "This doesn't even make a dent into, (drought), but 'every little bit helps." Thanks for clearing it up for us.

Key into all the weather anchors today as they will be excited and give you all the weather geeky as to what all this means. (Which is nothing--just a late September storm, big deal).

We'll be lectured about the fact that there's still a drought which is unusual because I had no idea there's a drought, I thought Noah's been drooling around Mill Valley for months and the heavens have been spitting on us indefinitely.

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  1. Marin's situation is probably better than just about any county in the state, so there's not going to be any Marin water official complaining about a drought, because we really don't have one over here. Our reservoirs were at 92 percent of their capacity after the rainy season ended, and they still have a lot of water. All you have you to do to view this evidence, is take a hike around one of our lakes right now. Because of nearby Mt Tamalpais and it's 2400 foot elevation, storms that come in from the Pacific are stalled by the mountain for awhile, and they belch out much of their guts onto the north side of the mountain, right where five lakes; Phoenix, Laganitus, Bon Tempe, Alpine and Kent are situated.

  2. Just so you know they're told to do this. By lobotomized bosses, aka, managers.

  3. Meteorologist Mike PechnerSeptember 25, 2014 at 2:59 PM

    Groan. It will be a flood and the same folks will ask. Is the drought over?