Monday, September 29, 2014

Bloomberg Bay Area 960 Debuts; Greg Jarrett Offers Smooth Drivetime Anchor; Danos 'Fill-In' Status At KCBS; Fox Takes Over KTVU Oct 16; Monday Coffee Opener

 'Bloomberg 960 SF" debuted this morning and if you like business-central radio then you'll be in heaven. It is mostly news, traffic, and business interviews concentrating on Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

Ex-KGO Radio tonsil, Greg Jarrett, conducted the first morning-drive anchoring and provided a steady if not spectacular style.

"Bay Area Business" is the outcue Bloomberg is using with traffic snippets from Larry Olsen. It is blended in with its other bureaus in NY and Boston. The "Bloomberg Bay Area Business Report" is centered among the local programming although ironically, the "local" story was reported by a NY reporter, Charlie Pellet.

This is not riveting radio in any sense of the word; it's mostly a lot of business, stocks, trends, dividend potpourri but that's precisely what Bloomberg Radio is counting on and with their deep financial pockets Bloomberg will be around the Bay Area airwaves for a while.

*Dean Danos, who got dumped from overnight KCBS because somebody high up, (not ND, Ed Cavagnaro), thought he sounded like a "DJ" during the Napa quake, (huh?), is probably destined for fill-in work. He's not thrilled and talked to the union. Most of the station staff was "shocked" over Danos' firing, including the Assistant ND, Jane McMillan, who is working to get the situation resolved.

*Fox Network takes over KTVU on October 16 --you, the viewer, will notice very little at first. Things will be business as usual until the new GM from Boston arrives, then it's mystery time but usually the first thing these guys do is to chop a little, replace and mix and match.

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  1. I just tuned in to 960. It's good to hear Greg Jarrett, again ... always a joy to work with, in addition to being an excellent broadcaster.

    My reception on that station isn't as clear as I'd like it. But, I probably won't do a great deal of tuning in to business-heavy news, anyway.

    Welcome back, Greg!

  2. Speaking of Radnich,who's boorish treatment of Bloombergs news on his show led them to drop KNBR...Well,Raddy just announced he left the 49ers game in the the third quarter! a tight game!. If you don't even care if the local team wins,why go to the game?.lol.. Makes no sense.

    1. Scott McGrew was Bloomberg News? I thought he was from Ch 11...

      Gary did treat the guy miserably, that I agree with

    2. No.Bloomberg's man was named Charlie Pellet..and he at times gave Radnich what he took. The funniest was "I dressed as Gary Radnich for Halloween,and people threw rotten eggs and tomatoes at me".
      And then Radnich called him a punk ass on another show...So,no love between them. All over a 2 minute daily intro. Sheesh.

    3. Stan is completely wrong as usual.

      KNBR could get market updates more cheaply on their own w/o Bloomberg. It had nothing to do with Radnich/Pellet relationship which WAS NOT a problem in spite of what Stan imagines.

    4. Stan you ignorant slut

    5. Sure,cheaper. Why couldn't have KNBR figured that out just a few months before? After all, Scott McGrew was replaced by Bloomberg..until the acrimony between Bloomberg's people and Radnich. So,back to McGrew.

  3. Clear Channel doesn't put much value on poor old 960, even the web URL just points to 910. I like Greg, he's a real pro but business news is hardly stimulating. Reminds me of when CNET tried geek radio.

  4. I'm happy that Bloomberg has introduced some intelligent programming to the local AM airwaves, even though it's not destined to be a ratings grabber. Their original sin was making a deal for 960, which has a crappy signal in much of the area. (I get Sacramento stations with more clarity and less background noise.) And the FM HD2 isn't likely to buy them a whit of benefit. They'd be better off buying 610 from Family Stations, but even 1310, the Radio Disney station that almost went off the air last week, would've been better than 960. Unfortunately, the movers and shakers that Bloomberg hopes to reach during their commute to and from Silicon Valley are just not going to sit still for a hiss-filled listening experience, or the constant drop-outs that an HD signal delivers.

  5. Hey FOX! don't mess with my Sinefeld reruns!

  6. Oh no FOX is invading the Bay Area airwaves! What will we do? Maybe we can conjure the spirit of Jerry Garcia...

    If anybody thinks that KTVU is going to become all right wing all the time you obviously don't know how media or any successful business works. The 10 PM newscast is a Bay Area institution and the higher ups know that injecting new segments like "Bargain Hunting with Rove" aren't gonna fly. The one thing many FOX channels do best is a strong local morning show. Not just news but a competitor for national broadcasts. This is something we can really use in SF.