Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bay Area Media Posers: A Little Misunderstanding: Maybe You Thought I Care

 Maybe I should make it clear: I'm in one of those moods today, seriously, I should really not be writing right now but it's time to make a few points.

I write and post for me and my regular readers who want to get the low-down on Bay Area media.

YOU, on the other hand--you and the other Posers, the misfits who come here because they have no other alternatives and want to vent, I have no use for you and the others.

One thing for sure, I don't kiss ass nor do I sit behind the altar and bullshit, at least for the most part I give straight-forward and I'm honest. Maybe too honest at times. But for the most part I'm consistent too and I don't hide behind a keyboard and take personal shots; I'm wise to you.

YOU, basically, are a relentless little peon -- a worker bee that has to kowtow to the bosses and obey your masters. I don't play the bullshit game, sorry, I have my admirers and enemies and they come here, even the assholes who work at 55 Hawthorne who inject sugar up their bosses asses on a daily basis. I know the drill.

Periodically I write this report because I wear my emotion on my sleeve and vent. It's good to vent, it's great to call out the posers every now and then and to remind them there comes a time when ALL of this, ALL OF THIS IS MEANINGLESS and fate takes over. Put all of that into perspective and get your head out of your ass along the way.

Should be an interesting radio show--I might embellish further.

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  2. you are really funny Rich - I truly mean that, you make me laugh. Predictable, but funny. Not sure if its intentional or not. Love the line, maybe too honest.... hahaha, you are a riot!

  3. I get it, everyone but Lieberman is a poser.

  4. This relates: Today Guv Brown signed a bill that stops websites from banning bad reviews- like Yelp has done on occasion.
    I hope the San Jose Mercury and SF Chron now see,that my reviews of what they put on the net,is now legally binding..and their deleting of everything truthful about their sports pages is an act subject to punishment by law. At the every least the spirit of the law is on my side.
    Their is a good reason why the sports editor of the Mercury is in hiding. Imagine that- both major local newspapers stifling freedom of speech.Because I speak the truth and they speak as advertising supplements masking as sports pages.

    1. Oh yeah Stan, I'm sure the Merc and Chron will give top priority to Stan's comments.

      "Their is a good reason..." Yes Stan, I'm sure the sports editor of the Mercury is in hiding because of someone like you who doesn't know the difference between "there" and "their."

  5. Well, I finally saw the "new and improved" sfgate yesterday--I wouldn't worry about anyone reading anything THERE!

    What a freaking MESS! Did they recruit 6th graders to re-do the website? Wait, I take that back--most 6th graders could do far better than this one....I scrolled through as long as I could stand it. No rhyme or reason that I could see, and plenty of days old stories to wade through. I can't believe someone thought this was a good idea!

    1. Typical technogeek "upgrade". The geeks want to show they can move pixels around and write code, no matter that their "upgrade" is unusable...