Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Few Sunday Notes; 49ers/Raiders Brunch; 415 Media


You know I was just thinking how horrible SF Radio is, the total irrelevancy of it all, and I do mean ALL.

Yeah, KCBS is still the go-to for traffic and weather reports, and the occasional breaking news like the earthquake a couple of weeks back, but that's about it.

AM radio is a goner in this area. Sure, other markets are comparable but other markets are used to crappy radio. The Bay Area, up until recently, possessed a cadre of radio outlets that catered to a mass crowd that enjoyed news and talk, talk, and your garden variety of subjects--now it's el-drecko with old spice as its deodorant.

*Welcome back to the airwaves, Carolyn Tyler, KGO-TV.

*Because today, NFL Football, returns to the tube, we'll be short and tidy since most of you will be watching 49ers and Raiders. (Psst, 49ers--weird game, with all the issues surrounding this team I gather the huge audience will be huger).

*Channeling Al Davis in heaven: And they thought we were the bad guys!

*At some point in today's 49ers broadcast on radio, I'm sure Ted Robinson and Tim Ryan will mention Ray McDonald and the allegations. So too, the Fox Sports crew. I know Robinson and Ryan will handle it as professionals they are--Fox Sports? Should be interesting.


  1. Damon Bruce made a comment about suspended 49er and 2 friends and guests eating at a pricey place last week. Grow up already. Not anybody elses business. What Damon needs to do is eliminate the Dbag use. It is demeaning and offensive to the female and non female audience. If your are advocating zero tolerance for domestic abuse start with language that really has no place on a sports radio show.

  2. Carolyn said it was 12 weeks of recovery from hip surgery.
    Dennis Allen's boring mind at work so far managing the Raiders offense. media dares criticize thin skinned Stanford coach David Shaw. I say,he screwed up passing a very late PUNT...USC in that exact same situation a minute later?..went for the long FG- and won.
    Shaw's very conservative calls have cost Stanford some big wins. What gets me?..NOW Shaw will do flea flicker,etc. That's his pattern- lose big games going conservative,get the media off his back going all out on the other games. Not that the bay area sheep called "sports media" would make Dave unhappy...

    1. Stop the presses! I actually agree with Stan! I was thinking very similar thoughts about Shaw yesterday...

  3. How about the crybaby Athletic Director for USC running out on the field?

    Not that your biased or anything Stan!

  4. Joe Buck is mediocre and Troy Aiken is horrible. The Niners OL mauls the 'boys at the end of the game and all they talk about are the running backs. Big #77 Iupati was dominant late in the game. Fortunately did not hear much about McDonald. Fox must have muzzled their talking heads. Speaking of head shots, were was the side line lady Erin? Missed her. The cost of Tivo, all I saw was the game thank God and missed the one million commercials.

  5. To say joe buck is mediocre is an insult to mediocrity.