Sunday, August 24, 2014

Most Bay Area Primetime TV News Anchors Absent During Sunday Quake Coverage; UPDATED

 Mathai from KNTV: he's ON.

 Cook on KPIX? Nope.

         Somerville? Unlucky: at Santa Clara preparing for post-game 49ers show on KTVU--one assumes he'll be at the studios Sunday night

 Pam Moore off but...

      Catherine Heenan to the rescue

 at KGO: no Daetz.

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UPDATE: 4: 17 PM:

*KGO lead anchor Dan Ashley is now in studio with Ama Daetz...Pam Moore is on KRON...KNTV's Raj Mathai and Jessica Aguire have been on continuously and have done a stellar job.

CORRECTION: Daetz was on KGO early during the morning hour after the quake.
415 media regrets error.


  1. Katie Mazullo and Eric did a more than credible job on KGO 7. Katie needs to lighten up a tad and not look so stern. Not "Happy Talk" for sure, but not looking like she just kicked her boyfriend in the nutz either. Good coverage on the anchor desk, though. CNN getting feed from ...KRON.

  2. Bosses decided to leave the lightweights Ama and Liz on the sidelines for a real news story

    1. Elizabeth Cook reported live on scene on the afternoon broadcasts and did a good job.

  3. One person missing in the scene, Brian Hackney, the earthquake expert on TV in the entire Bay Area. I was hoping to see his reporting on PIX. Is he off or PIX has no clue he should be the face and voice when earthquake happens?

  4. Who cares? Nobody but Rich Lieberman who is delighted to have something new to complain about.

  5. Hey Rich, you work for a bay area broadcaster, KSCO, KOMY!

    What kind of live quake coverage were they providing? NONE!

  6. One thing I was (mildly) impressed with. KTVU had their helicopter up and Tom Vacar on the ground. (He live in the area?) Video from the copter and Vacar REPORTING by cell phone and the two synced. Good thinking on the fly. Of course, KPIX went way too long interviewing a teenager and how her cat and her were both scared. Not checking KGO for any up to date info-I've got better places to go to.

  7. Let's not forget KTVU. Claudine Wong was great. Also Dave Clark. I watched all of the bay area stations doing quake coverage, all did a good job.

  8. Hey Rich, I would acknowledge Rich Lieberman first, who is up since 3:20 am and is giving non-stop updates through Twitter @rlieberman2529 and other media. The first TV station to start #earthquake updates was ABC7. Since then, good coverage on #earthquake by all the bay area communication stations (Radio, TV, Other media, especially Rich L. 415 Media).

  9. As soon as the shaking stopped I started channel surfing and of course checking the web. It was tough to switch from the Simpsons marathon on FXX but I wanted to get some info on the quake. The USGS of course had the first reports but it was KPIX that had the first local coverage with a crawl across the bottom of the infomercial currently airing. KGO & KNTV wee the first to show a map and provide a voice-over. Overall the locals were beat by the coverage on FOX News who not only had info from the USGS but the first on site live streaming video reports from the scene in Napa. Too bad as I would have loved to have seen what Vicki Liviakis wears at 3AM.

  10. Boo Hoo, prime time anchors weren't working Sunday. How does that diminish the coverage?

    Does anyone really care who is reading from the teleprompter?

  11. >>CORRECTION: Daetz was on KGO early during the morning hour after the quake.
    415 media regrets error.<<
    I'm impressed that 415 media publicly acknowledged an error.

  12. Cooke was Anchoring on location for the PM newscasts and also had some produced packages that were obviously recorded earlier during the day. Unfair to say she was MIA IMHO.