Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dick Gautier Was a Force To Be Reckoned With; Sunday PM Media Thoughts

 An underrated actor and a great media tactician.

Truly, a genius and trendsetter.

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  1. He was everywhere in the 60 thru 70s. I recall him on Love American Style and other comedies. How was he a trendsetter? First man on The Dating Game to wear a Nehru Collar?

  2. To me, he'll always be Hymie the robot from Get Smart.
    Loved that show.

  3. Dick Gautier was one of those uncommonly handsome men with a great sense of humor that you often saw in entertainment during that time. There was Dick G., Lyle Wagonner, the hunk on Carol Burnette Show, Goldie Hawn's Common-law husband of 40 years, name I can't think of. Then there was the other catagory, very handsome and very intelligent or creative; such as Warren Beatty, and Burt Reynolds.

    1. Kurt Russell - "partners" since 1983.

  4. I never knew his name, but growing up I remember Dick Gautier from a million cheesy detective shows from the 70's. He was usually the businessman-villain who you immediately suspected because he always came across as a little too slick. Also kind of a poor man's stand-in for the John Davidson/Robert Goulet types on lighter fare like The Love Boat. Man, I'm getting old and definitely going as Anonymous on this post.

  5. Yes his character as Hymie was his best. He gave his funny lines with a straight face.

  6. Robin Hood in the criminally-cancelled-too-soon "When Things Were Rotten" (A Mel Brooks production) also was great as the evangelist in "Fun With Dick and Jane."