Monday, August 25, 2014

CNN Gets 'BabaBooeyed' in Napa Quake Coverage; Captain Janks Strikes Again

Howard Stern's proxy somehow makes it through the CNN wilderness.


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  1. When I was a teenager these prank calls were amusing.

    Today they are embarrassing, especially during natural disasters. Understanding the media's rush to put first hand witnesses on air, even Mr Stern's followers should show some restraint and compassion for those who lost their homes and all possessions.

    I know. I'm asking too much.

  2. If I see a live shot in front of that blue car with the broken back window I will SCREAM!

  3. If the media outlets didn't have their hair on fire and ears pinned back to be FIRST, they would get it RIGHT. They would have been prepared with a ready source of info (contacts with local agencies, lists of reliable persons-its not that hard to have a note with the name of the public info officers for agencies, etc). I'm sorry but grabbing a twitter feed from Jennifer Techie, or a Facebook post from Tommy Google is not news gathering. I can talk to my neighbor over the fence and get info that's just as accurate. OTOH, I hope these pranksters keep it up, like the guy in LA pranking the TV news over that big water main break. Maybe, just maybe, after a few more embarrassing prank calls then the news organizations will figure that a professional news organization will keep them from being a laughing stock. (Damn, time for my pill, I'm fantasizing again.)

  4. Dont they have like a "7 second delay or more" to prevent this from happening?