Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday on 415 Media Radio: Voice of the 49ers, Ted Robinson; Gerald Celente/Trends Journal +News Talk

On Wednesday "Lieberman Live"-- 2-4 PM PT

2: 05-2: 30: The Voice of the SF 49ers talking sports biz and shoptalk: Ted Robinson

3: 05-3: 30: Gerald Celente: The Publisher of the Trends Journal

To LISTEN LIVE: click here: --Podcasts available later in the day.


  1. Ted works a lot in the tennis world. Would you please ask him to comment on the Serena incident at Wimbledon? Many insiders believe she was high on prescription drugs. On a separate note. Congrats on your new show but the constant Lieberman pop up window is annoying as hell.

  2. PLEASE lose the auto pop up window. It happens during reading of the blog and typing this right now.


  3. Gerald Celente is always a Doomsayer, always warning us of the deep financial pit we are on the brink of falling into. It get's tiresome, this perpetual state of panic. He may consider himself more the 'Cassandra' , the tragic figure of greek mythology. Cassandra was fated to be prophetic and then to have no one believe her.

  4. 12:20 agree re pop-up!!! I can't "x" it away! The new legal disclaimer is fine, but the pop-up has to go!

  5. Yes agreed, the auto popup has been happening since this morning on my tablet. I visit the website...popup. Wait for it to load...hit x. I find a posting I want to read the comments on, click comments....popup. Never really fully loads and ruins my session. Over and over today.

    Now I visit from laptop....popup twice in 15 seconds.

  6. What pop-up? Pop-up blocker is your friend

    1. One shouldn't have to download and install programs just to visit a website. Anyways, Rich already fixed the problem.