Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Michael Savage Destroys The Competition on Talk Stream Live; Crushes Rush and Ingraham; Nationally-Syndicated SF Talker Dominates Tech Device Template


The TSL Top 25 Streaming Talk Shows
July 11, 2014 by talkstreamlive
Second Quarter 2014

Show/ Rank / Share
1 Michael Savage 20.1
2 Rush Limbaugh 12.0
3 Laura Ingraham 6.4
4 Mark Levin 5.7
5 Glenn Beck 5.1
6 Tammy Bruce 3.9
7 Sean Hannity 3.8
8 George Noory 2.0
9 Alex Jones 1.8
10 Dennis Miller 1.8
11 John Batchelor 1.5
12 Bill Bennett 1.5
13 Michael Medved 1.1
14 Clyde Lewis 1.0
15 Jeff Kuhner 1.0
16 The Dana Show 0.9
17 Dennis Prager 0.9
18 Red Eye Radio 0.8
19 Hugh Hewitt 0.8
20 Herman Cain 0.7
21  The Power Hour 0.7
22 Monica Crowley 0.7
23 IMUS 0.7
24 Jerry Doyle 0.6
25 Larry Kudlow 0.5

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  1. Phony methodology. These numbers mean nothing. No ages, no TSL, no AQH, not credibility.

    Steaming is recorded by Nielsen Audio and in some instances streams and HD Radio channels show up in or near the bottom of rankings in some markets. These numbers, especially for Savage, are meaningless and without credibility. Does one really think Limbaugh cares that he carries a 12.1 "share" in a stream from a website not even associated with a radio station? Of course not. Most people listen to streams right from the "talent" web site, not some has-been "talk show site". A million sessions in the world of streaming is nothing, not with the billions of streams that take place each month in the nation. Pure psycho-babble from the Savage publicity machine.

    1. Talk Stream Live (TSL) clearly conveys how and where they gather and measure their listening data. It is stated and implied that TSL measures listening sessions via TSL's cloud based server, Website, Gadgets, iPhone app, Android app and their “click-to-listen” links on Social Networks. It is the TSL in-house listener metrics. TSL simply connects to station streams for listeners use. It is a significant sample size. However, It by no means covers, nor do they imply it includes all of the vast internet universe or all mobile devices in the digital domain. TSL is not in the ratings racket, they simply share this data with those who are interested and it is free to list and to use. It is titled "The TSL Top 25 Streaming Talk Shows" and not The Top Talk Radio Shows nor The Top Internet Talk Shows.

    2. Which means, Tom, that for credibility, it could just as soon be called, "The Clown List of Streaming TSL from our Website Only Which Means Nothing." Numbers directly from each station's website, I could get. Getting numbers worth anything from a limited use aggregator like "Talk Stream Live" is propoganda / PR and is of no use.

      I would doubt, if like some streamers who do this, that if you "pay-for-play" - you get the benefit of higher numbers. There is at least one major "trade" which does just that. It's an "ad" to be in the listing. Honest.

    3. Great! Maybe Karel will show up next next to Savage. So much for credibility. Nice "handle" Tom. I knew the "real" Tom Donahue and he was a brilliant man. Not that you're not, but I appreciate your homage to a SF legend.

    4. Ass Clowns above that is my real name.. I do realize the other deceased TD was a DJ SF bay legend! The likes of Leykis or Karel or Colmes have not done well at TSL or in most markets due to their adverse audience appeal. Most clamor for conservative political talk.. it is predominate.

  2. Odd to note this. The above post makes sense. It's been widely reported that according to Nielsen, Savage has lost 26% of the audience on KSFO since replacing Hannity, who is dying his own death now at KKSF with even worse numbers that he had before. Savage, "on radio" has lost over 50% of the audience he started with on WABC in New York, over 50% in Chicago and 25% or more in other markets. Yes, he beats Hannity all over the place because Hannity is on crappy smaller stations. Notice, however that while Savage is a "tough sell" to advertisers, especially in the 25-49 demographic, he is lowing to Hannity again on WOR in New York which is now beating WABC. Cumulus is a loser company and a worse syndicator.

  3. look at that list - being on "top" is a dubious distinction.

    no wonder AM Radio is a wasteland.

  4. Here is the TSL disclaimer or disclosure that is included in each published ratings report offered by Talk Stream Live: The TSL Top 25 Report tracks talk radio show metrics gathered on the internet and collected through our cloud based server via Talk Stream Live’s Website, Gadgets, iPhone app, Android app and our “click-to-listen” links on Social Networks. We only rank the talk show hosts that are listed at TalkStreamLive.com.

  5. TSL's Editor’s note: TSL Top 25 Streaming Talk Shows 2nd Q report for 2014 celebrates a million mark milestone for a single quarter listening sessions ranking report. Michael Savage again leads the way with a whopping 20 share. Rush Limbaugh remains a strong second, while Laura Ingraham surges to third place, Mark Levin holds steady in fourth and Glenn Beck slips to fifth. Furthermore, feats worth noting: Savage scoring such a sizeable streaming share and the significant margin of ratings supremacy over Rush and the other contenders; and recognizing Laura Ingraham's remarkable ratings resurgence to take back the mornings and to rise above Beck and Levin.

    1. A "20 share" of a "million sessions" is 200,000 people of a universe of 92-million daily radio listeners. Hardly a milestone.

    2. You are a brave anonymous critic and likely a real genius listener of hapless Hannity..

  6. Good for Michael Savage, I like and listen to him.

  7. This is false.

    Hannity is beating savage in nyc 12+, handily. As is Levin. Hannity doing it on a weaker signal.

    Yet both have less than 10% of what Rush once got. Numbers are awful across the board. Savage is the hardest sell in radio, and nyc sales doesn't even try.

    As for digital, rush doesn't need it because he has the stations. Savage does because he doesn't.

    We are talking about the lamest hosts in the history of talk radio at this point, with the corporations having no clue how to fix it.

    All of these hosts are propped up from political dollars. Without them they would be out of business.

    1. That is factually incorrect. Savage is pummeling Hannity in NYC and all major markets that they directly compete. Hannity, like Rush are simply shills and servants of the GOP and their corporate keepers.

    2. And by "pummeling" you mean he's losing.

      12+ for JUNE

      WNYC-FM 55,100 (NPR Morning Edition)
      WABC 24,700 (Imus)
      WOR NA [too low to make the list I got] (Guest hosts, mainly Hilarie Barsky)

      WOR 26,400 (Simone)
      WABC 17,900 (Geraldo)

      WOR 33,700 (Limbaugh)
      WABC 19,400 (Curtis & Kuby)

      WOR 27,300 (Hannity)
      WABC 17,000 (Savage)

      WOR 21,800 (Hannity)
      WABC 12,800 (Kiernan & Cosby)

      WABC 17,500 (Levin)
      WOR 12,600 (Mets or Sports Zone)

      WOR 13,100 (Mets or Dave Ramsey)
      WABC 10,200 (John Batchelor)

      Levin beating Savage in worse day part. Hannity beating him 12+ handily.

      If you want to post real numbers then we can have this discussion. Meanwhile, stop lying.

    3. Sorry, 5:00, but you would be incorrect. Factually, in the sales demos, Savage is losing badly with a 59% drop since he started in January. Hannity, year-to-date on WOR is beating him, now that the turmoil from a year ago has dropped. It's like KGO being #1 three years ago, but once the 55+ audience is removed, they dropped to 14th place. Same thing. Savage is at 26% less than Hannity's rating when he was on KSFO as we speak. Despite that, Hannity has found no traction whatsoever on KKSF due, largely, that the station has few listeners and a signal that is horrible. KSFO, though 5,000 watts, has a better signal, but still noting in the 25-54 demographic. Savage is the 70-year-old-angry-white guy attraction and that's it, in market after market.

    4. 2:59, have you ever studied a ratings book? Obviously not. First, you don't know what the PPM information is. As a consultant, I do and have access to it Further, anyone in radio, as I had to learn years ago, knows that 12+ (or 6+) figures do not at all count. They are, "beauty contest" numbers / rankers of every demographic cell in the total diary area (DMA) and not reflective of anything worth selling. In fact, it is never used. They are for publicity only to show people the "estimated" rank of radio stations.

      Fact: Savage is not a growth factor. He hasn't reach the level of what Hannity had a year ago on WABC, but he has improved to the point where if you count total audience (including 55+) he more than holds his own to no avail. Hannity has the same difficult on WOR, where he started with nothing a year ago and has nothing to do but go up, where WABC did nothing but come down.

    5. Hey Anon? IF that is correct for June.. that is news to me. What then do you say about the last 4 months of lopsided losses Hannity had to Savage? Political topics and trends can affect a ratings period. Hannity and Rush are the GOP guardians and gatekeepers that play well with the Obama crimes drama and scandals sell.

    6. I don't think Hannity has even been on WOR for 4 months, has he?

    7. You are correct. He signed, however, to join WOR in September, 2013 and got an extension of his Premier Networks (Clear Channel) contract as well. At the time, one year ago, while still on WABC, Hannity had little or no competition from WOR. He started this year with nothing at 'OR. However, upon leaving 'ABC, and replaced by Savage, the number in the formerly Hannit 3-6 time slot have now dropped by 59 percent since Savage arrived. He beats Hannity on WOR, but only because Hannity had lower numbers going in, while Savage had a 59% hearstart and has lost it in the time he's been on the air in New York.

    8. Simple, Tom. Hannity started with nothing on WOR. Savage took over Hannity's lead on WABC and instead of going to the next level, in two quarters, e has dropped 59% in that daypart that Hannity built. As reported, "Savage is a tough sell, only to 70 year old white angry men." Lopsided? Yes it was. However, not now. WABC dropped to a historic low of 1.3 in the Spring book. WOR is only 1 point away...overall.

  8. I doubt Rich took a class in statistics while at Skyline.

  9. What happen to Alan Colmes?

    1. Or Rusty Humphries, Lars Larsen, Doug Stefan, Armstrong & Getty, Howard Stern, Ethan Bearman, Bill Cunningham, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, and so many other "national talkers."

      Don't believe your press releases, Michael.

    2. Alan Colmes is on 910 am here in the area 7 p.m to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  10. The bottom line is this:

    They are both doing terribly and their companies are destroying the radio business by not only keeping them in the air, but having done so for this many years.

    Savage has said a number of times "cumulus is my last stop." Really? I think we all know this. Ratings tell the tale, as do lack of sales.

    For rich to even post this nonsense is just strange.

  11. Where does Tom Leykis rank in all of this? I heard Savage mention his #1 ranking online yesterday and he said: "I won't mention my numbers on the radio because they vary so much by station and market". In other words, when you're losing numbers it is best to avoid the subject.

  12. Savage has worn thin with me due to his eating during his show and what not. I'll take an archived Levin show over Savage if I'm stuck in the office 12-3.

    1. I thought I was the only one! That annoying habit of his to clear his sinuses and swallow his boogers is bad enough. Now he's eating lunch during the show!? What a jackass.

  13. Goodness.. feel the "love"[/sarc] around here. So much foaming-at-the-mouth negativity towards Michael.
    Yall act like you've got your boxer shorts knotted up in a tight bunch.

  14. WOR is getting a bump because of the Mets.

    Yet we need to be clear: Both Hosts are Doing Terribly. One is no better than the other.