Thursday, July 31, 2014

Circle 7 Veteran News Anchor Carolyn Tyler Will Be Back On Channel 7 Soon Following Hip Surgery

 Carolyn Tyler has been noticeably absent from KGO-TV--for a good reason.

The veteran Channel 7 News Anchor has been recovering from hip surgery and is due back on the air in September.

Tyler has been an ABC7 weekend stalwart for may years and still garners significant viewership from the Circle 7 fandom.

We look forward to seeing CT back on the SF airwaves and can't wait for that awesome smile to boot.

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  1. Looks like the type of woman a certain morning sports talker would be into.

  2. Any word on Heather Ishimaru?

    1. Yes, how is she doing?

  3. One of my favorite anchors. My mother and I were very upset when the Dans were hired back in 1997 or so, and Carolyn was no longer anchoring the weekend evening news......still wished she did..... she deserves more than one morning slot....

  4. Lucky she's not making too much.

  5. Glad CT made it through surgery. As most veteran observers will recall our beloved Pete Wilson passed away during what was supposed to be a very routine hip surgery. Man, it is like yesterday. I still remember how he confessed on air about feeling scared and Mr. Gene Burns gave Pete a pep talk. Anyway, sorry. I digress. Speedy recovery to Ms. Taylor.

  6. Ms. Carolyn Tyler has Always been on the Very Top of my list. Her professionalism behind the anchor desk. -as well as - field reporting - is truly enviable & remarkable.

    As an aside. - she also just happens to be blessed with that liquid honey speaking voice ( best in the business ) a kind disposition & the most beautiful face imaginable.
    Note to universe : This is as good as it gets.

  7. ...and Stephanie Adrouny did the surgery, yet another reason Ch 11 wooed her away from Front St!

    Will the wonders never cease with this prodigy?!?!