Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Song By The Great One Perfectly Suitable For A Gray Sunday

Get out the scotch.  I'll grab the hat.

{Nat King Cole}

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  1. Doris Day also sang a great version of this song. Nat had a fantastic voice and stage presence. I'm actually surprised no one has thought to make a movie version about his rise to stardom. I wish someone could do it without getting too knotted up in race baiting or point accusatory fingers of guilt. Focus instead on his professional rise, and his grace under pressure, and the people, both black and white, who help him to succeed. By all means DO NOT have Spike Lee make this movie. Spike is far to crutched onto victimhood real, feigned and implied. Have either Steven Spielberg or Tyler Perry make it, preferably Tyler Perry, who likes to laugh and enjoy life.

  2. Amazing how it just does not get any better at KTVU.

    We're halfway to war with Russia and the top story at 5 on Sunday is that it's cloudy.

    And they have TEAM COVERAGE of it!!!

    And the full screen reads "GREY SKIES." Unless you're British, that's the wrong spelling.

  3. I also love, love, love the version with Nat King Cole's Daughter, Natalie Cole...Music doesn't get any better than this, in my opinion!

  4. Left sunshine in Silicon Valley for the fog and wind of San Francisco, but it was still beautiful. This would have been a good song for my wife and I. I sure don't miss living in the fog belt (the Humboldt Bay region) where I lived for 40 years. Sunshine here is like paradise for us.

  5. Considered by many to be the greatest song ever for weddings, be it Nat King alone or with Natalie.