Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Circus Comes To San Jose Sunday

 You'll have to excuse me --I'm going to a BBQ later in the day, I heard there's some sort of radio station promotion taking place in San Jose. I heard the word, "debate" mentioned but in reality I would refer to it as more a circus than anything else.

A real debate is when you engage in actual disagreement and begin a free form of dialogue that emphasizes such--not a silly, forced, contrived stunt created by the station's promotion department.

And let's be clear, this is a farce. A pre-arranged, concocted circus with most of the clowns participating before a bunch of friends from the station and advertisers and interns. Any free-form, unrehearsed material will be accidental and any idea of a true back-and-forth will be staged.


The circus will feature a mattress salesperson "engaging" with his buddy, good old Not A Genuine Funny Man, the 2014 version of Byron convenient. Maybe they'll discuss who has better gadgets.

Speaking of gadgets, I hear they're going to actually put this on the radio...I wonder if any of the audience members will ask about the radio business. I doubt it. Suckers.

Speaking of suckers, I'd like to talk to the person(s), who paid to get in. Are they human? Where do they get their news? I'm curious.

If you're going down their to San Jose today and planning on making mischief, save your energy, OK, boo if you want to, get some steam off but really, it makes no difference. After all the circus is intended for everyone to see the animals and laugh at the clowns. I'm sure they'll be ample time to do such.

Enjoy the cotton candy too.

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  1. Rich this was not created by the station's promotion department. Since it was such a success in the past the brilliant new Operations Manager decided to try it again.

    1. Too bad they don't have any "all stars" left. That's why this thing is a joke.

  2. On Maureen Langan's Facebook page, she asks "Will you attend?", & ONE person replied with the simple word "Nope"...classic irony :).

  3. They were pretty good in the past. I will judge this one after I hear it, not before.

  4. Someone posted:
    "Levin has better rating numbers than Savage"
    Is that true????

    Of course The Koch Bro's are supporting Levin's program with Tea Party money from "Americans For Prosperity".
    What a JOKE...Levin viewers don't even know who's pulling their chains and pushing all the misinformation and lies!
    While Rabble Rousing them all into a FRENZY!

    "Unfortunately, these radio hosts have massive, gullible audiences that are easily manipulated by the constant drum-beat of negativity and often conspiratorial nature of the narrative. As such, it’s imperative that progressives and liberals continue to expose the lies and hypocrisy that these groups push – and make sure that those on the left turn out in huge numbers in November".

    These Crazy RightWinger's will believe anything...absolutely anything!

    1. Those folks are the majority in southern states, in which there are approximately 160+ Electoral votes. They MATTER. They're gonna matter a lot about six months from now.

    2. Rootvg, These folks may be the majority of southern states...
      but they are not the majority of America!
      The southern states are now an American laughing stock!

      Root, What does it say that most of the 10 POOREST States are Republican? And you're proud of that? These Republicans States just keep listening to CRAZY RightWing Radio and keep on voting against their own and Americas BEST INTEREST!
      Mississippi is the poorest... followed by Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina.
      And the list doesn't even include Texas, where Rick Perry is governor and one in five people lives in poverty!

      Vote another Republican into the White House...
      And watch the whole country become more poor!
      While the already rich become even more wealthy!

    3. Holy shit, both of you. STFU! NO. ONE. CARES.

    4. That's the problem, 12:47!
      You sound like one of many, many fools in 1930's Germany...
      Who just didn't care until it was too late to change the course!

    5. Goddamn, you progressive assholes have destroyed a great country in less than six years with your ridiculous ideas, and you are still on that line about how ignorant everyone else is? Hey, this is YOUR government, baby, you know the one setting up the next world war and the one with the permanently fucked up economy? Own it, fucktards.

    6. @12:32 lets flood the country with cheap labor and children. Change those demographics! Get those votes, stay in power for decades !

    7. *ANYTHING* is better than more of this...or his Brother:

    8. "Americans Still Blame Bush More Than Obama for Bad Economy"

    9. Gotta love the right wing morons who forget how their hero Bush Junior bashed this country into a pulp for 8 years. With the help of the tea baggers the right wing is becoming less relevant and for that we are thankful!

    10. "Newt Gingrich isn't the only Republican who wants to relax U.S. laws that have restricted work by Children for more than seven decades"

  5. Hearing fluff heads Karel and Ryan Scott yelling at each about raising the minimum wage is a reminder of how far the once-great KGO has fallen.

  6. Rich, oh how the mighty have fallen. Could only stand listening for the first half hour. Lets begin with what worked. Ronn, Pat, Brian held their own. Nuff said.

    Why did they take a break at 1:16?
    The old debates were often commercial free.
    How do you build up any momentum taking dumb ass traffic breaks?
    Why did Brett host? Why not Jon ( who can host)
    Brett, while holding up his Mr. Nice Guy image can't M-C worth a shit.
    Why was it schedule at 1:00 in the afternoon? No one listens then and no one will sit in any auditorium during a 100-degree day. Another dumbshit move.
    Who the fuck brought Michael Finney into this? He's not a regular host. He talks about getting airline miles. I'm sure Finney being the opportunist that he is, begged them but they should have said no.

    Pure and simple it sucked. Painful to listen. The future for KGO is Pat Thurston, hope the dipshits can at least....figure that out. Glad I don't work there anymore.

    1. It was a cluster fuck. The first hour was ok, but Thurston is screechy and whiny more than when she's on the air.

      The second hour featured "The entertainer" and Chef Ryan Scott. NO response to Karel whatsoever. Sounded like a real weak house and probably papered at that. Best quote of the day - "SHUT UP, KAREL!" from Ryan Scott The crowd was waiting for a fight. Response, "We don't need personal attacks. We can do that after the debate." No response. A silent crowd. Karel mentioned "personal attack" twice (over minimum wage.) He is a no-nothing idiot and got the lowest response of anyone. Matt Ray was in there too and didn't do badly.

      Third hour was Owens, Langan, Thurston and Weintraub. Langan held her own and was not bad. Owens, actually, wasn't half bad, and sounded like he missed doing the old "real" debates that mattered. He sounded out of place like "Why am I wasting my time?"

      Ken tried to be an MC but is no Mike Amatory or, as warm up, Len Tillem. At the end, he ran down the list of participants and ... forgot to mention Karel and nobody noticed.

      It was dull, actually, and the crowd, such as it as, was far from enthused.

      I am also shaking my head that they put Casey Bartholomew in for Thurston from 4-7. I have a feeling that they don't like Craft, nor use her except in a real empty emergency at the last minute. A slap in her face. Craft must be irrelevant now for sure.

      Weintraub is sitting in for the red carpet entertainer, who only did an hour of the debate. He was pissed he didn't get paid to attend the debate, so, took off for the night. His ass should be fired. Weintraub was on Saturday, this morning, at the debate and, now, tonight. Amazing. Karel feels he's too good to do his job.

      Langan will be doing her regular shift at 10 pm tonight, too, allegedly. She did the debate and is working tonight.

      Karel, please. Do what you said would do last Saturday. Just quit and be done with it. Last night, most of your show was on tape, anyway, with pre-taped interviews. Some sat there and watched you stuff your face with sandwiches online.

      Also, from 10 to 1 today, KGO relayed YESTERDAY'S Matt Ray show -- including his saying twice a half hour, " ....on a great SATURDAY afternoon." Talk about a cheap, hideous company.

      Rich is right. This was a bad circus with little interest.

      I had to listen just to make sure the story here was "fair and balanced."

      Nothing to see with the two tables and banners that said "KGO - 810 NEWS"


    2. The questions, I was told from a person in the newsroom who answered the phone were done by Renee Bakos.

      Even the engineers got shoutouts at the end. It was that bad.

    3. Dear 5:34, I never consider filling in for Ronn Owens, "irrelevant". I had the great pleasure of doing Ronn's show this past Monday. In any event, I heard much of the first part of the San Jose debate yesterday and thought it was pretty relevant, no?

    4. No. Not relevant at all, actually. The 2nd hour and most of the third how were horrid.

    5. Shame you weren't invited, Craft to the debate. Filling in for mattress man is no glory. Not anymore. Considering the ratings overall and for Ronn, it's irelevant.

  7. I listened for half an hour and three different topics were "debated." That's the new 810. The host introduces a current event and asks for calls, and twenty minutes later the caller waiting on line now hears a new topic to call about.

    The worst part today was that the poor schmucks in attendance had to wait through commercials, traffic alerts, and the network news updates while being subjected to a minor league roster of talent. The image of Malcolm McDowell strapped to a chair with his eyelids pried open comes to mind, as he screamed in A Clockwork Orange '"stop it, stop it please I beg you."

    1. Coming soon to a Cumulus station near you ...

      KSFO or KGO? Take your pick.

    2. KSFO. Will replace Levin eventually. It will be an epic failure like Huckabee.

  8. Minus Ryan Scott's idiocy I thought it was largely entertaining. Good thing it wasn't on TV so we could see how few people were actually there! I don't think Owens was on the third hour, as someone suggested.

    1. You may be right. Owens may have left after the first hour. I know Copie and Thurston came back in the third hour with Weintraub. It was so brain numbing after the second hour with Karel and Chef Scott, it got confusing.

  9. I was out cycling in pebble beach and caught the moment when the so called celebrity chef told Karel to shut up! I cheered and almost crashed. The chef and Finney were way out of place. I was cringing. Was Hamilton not available? How about the bible thumper on Sunday mornings? The most entertaining part was the first half hour when a spirited debate erupted regarding the American pow (stupid ass traffic and news breaks destroyed the momentum). Lowensteinnnnnnn was up to his old chicken (shit) hawk stance. He sounds like the other old fool John McCain talking about America's standing in the world dammit by golly!!!
    By far the worst was that idiot comedian who goes by the name Maureen Landgdon. She showed how much of a dim wit she is when she entered the debate and criticized American media for its lack of good serious news reporting (emphasizing the bimbo news gals on fox). Fair point and everyone agrees with her. Barely 20 seconds later this dummy criticizes Edward Snowden for giving his first interview to a Chinese newspaper instead of an American newspaper. What!? This broad just said American news is a joke then goes on to criticize Snowden for not granting an interview to American news!? Like duh honey!
    Byron Allen was his usual self plugging his show the "Disingenuous and allegedly funny black man" playing somewhere near you.

  10. OK - "Langan", not Langon". But certainly not "Landgdon".

  11. weintraub is filling in for karel tonight because karel had to go home or something and he started off by attacking ronn owens. rich, do you know the back story on this? it seems he is really going after the guy. i can't believe they let him speak like that about their main host.

    1. The backstory has been reported here several times of late. Karel was in a pity party the last two weeks, complaining on his live web cam during commercial breaks that he was not only upset with how he was being treated by KGO management he was pissed.

      As an "entertainer", he couldn't believe that he, of all people, was not getting a "fee" to be part of the debate. Then, KGO sent him a letter describing how he should act. He didn't like that. Then, they told him that they would not be paying his expense up and back to San Jose. He was so pissed off, he threatened to quit KGO, saying, "If I had $40,000, I'd quit KGO right now, on the air."

      He then complained that he was so "poor", he couldn't afford the plane ticket from Long Beach to San Jose, so, he got a free plane ticket from his friend and former KFI Program Director, David G. Hall of LA. He was, he said, "devastated."

      He then was told, in writing, that he would have to sign and NOTORIZE the statement he got from KGO, or he wouldn't be allowed on stage in San Jose. He was told, also, to do his show live from KGO on Sunday night, but must have the notorized letter to be admitted.

      He refused because, "I just don't know what to do. I know they want to fire mee."

      As a result, he called in and said he wasn't going to do the show Sunday night from either Long Beach or from KGO. He showed up in San Jose, did his one hour (poorly) from 2 to 3, was told to "Shut Up!" on air by Chef Ryan Scott and departed after the hour to no response from the panel or audience. David Weintraub who was also on the debate for an hour filled in for Karel on air Sunday. Karel's produducer, Brian, who had produced the debate on air, also worked the two late shifts.

      Maureen Langan was at the debate from 3 to 4 and also did her regular Sunday show from 10 to 1 last night.

      Karel also complained that there was no food for the talent, only light refreshments. He then ranted about how at KFI 20 years ago, he got a car to drive him to the show, $1500 for participating, free food, drinks and all the bennies.

      He was fired from KFI shortly thereafter and, in time, ended up after getting rehired and fired again as a solo act at KFI, on KGO and the rest his history.

      He should be fired, now. He is not liked by many at 55 Hawthorne.

    2. @10:07 good info but please re-read the question. The question was why did Weintraub attack Lowensteinnnnnn on air while filling in for Karel.
      I caught the first couple of minutes of Landgdens shitty show and Weibtraub stayed on. Both idiots were rehashing the debate and the ny witch was horrified about how much passion was shown by blowennnns and Thurston. I feel like I'm living in a nightmare that this level of host is now on KGO.

    3. Did anyone ask about what you just wrote, or did you decide to post this drivel again? We've all heard the Karel story over and over the last 2 weeks. I think Ryan Scott sounded much more like an idiot than did Karel is that debate. Karel's antics are documented. He is who he is. Like it, hate it, indifferent, you don't have to listen.

    4. In this case Ryan Scott was acting like a douche, not Karel. He should be fired, he should be fired...I'm sick to death of hear that!

  12. Did you not read rich's blog? Ron Blowens ring a bell?

  13. Terrestrial radio is irrelevant.The once great, KGO is nothing more than a bag of warm gas.

  14. Setting the Record Straight: KGO did not replay the Matt Ray show on Sunday. He did misspeak once or twice and say that it was Saturday, not Sunday, but he was live in-studio from 10:00-1:00pm on Sunday. I know, I'm his producer and I was there.