Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Is the New Monday With Tuesday Beckoning and Wednesday Humping on Thursday Which Used To Be The New Friday

 One of the constants of my life is the daily routine, that is the run of things and activities that make up my life, my 'routine' based on the day of the week.

Sundays are leisurely --I like to read the print edition of both the Chronicle and NY Times, (over the on-line version), with breakfast at the Coffee Mill in Oakland.

Saturday is lost in the shuffle. It's no wonder Saturday is considered the slowest day of the news week and thus why a good many politicians who want bad news buried usually release it on a Friday.

Monday used to be super depressing, the start of the business week and the first day back from the weekend but given our 24/7 digital world where our lives and communications have been marginalized, I'm not sure Monday is so much a downer anymore.

I like Tuesday for a variety of reasons. It's devoid of the Monday doldrums and because it's also in the front-view mirror of Wednesday --the official countdown to Friday, is a good neutral day. Wednesday, what many people refer to as "hump day", is now the new Thursday, which used to be the new Friday. Friday is now completely out of control and is essentially a lost day--a time when many of us all find it a good day to tweet, "facebook" and put out pictures on our Instagram account.

What a wonderful world.


  1. Huh?? Got it.....hey - not to change the, er, topic, but did you happen to listen to Karel last (Sat) nite? Holy cow.....totally needy, desperate-sounding, and loving his pity-party. Pathetically sad...,,may his stint at KGO come to an end sooooon.

    1. Yes, I heard every scintillating second - both on and off-air of his literal three hour meltdown. Details coming shortly. Listen to the poscast, then, the blanks will be filled in. Remember - "It's what's between the grooves that count!"

      When you hear the podcast (hold your nose) and see the "inside story" you will be laughably stunned. Wait till the insiders at KGOne find out. Can't wait for their coverup. Karel's last stand, maybe?

    2. details please? i was told he and weintraub did not get a long but after listening to them talk last night it seems like the two of them are sharing some inside joke. maybe they both know something we don't?

    3. If you are among the dwindling few, like, Billy Sunshine, who calls every talk show on the air, you would think Karel would take it easy on what he spews duriing his three hour wing-ding. He doesn't.. Read the upset, anger and bitterness about the "KGO All Star Debate" next Sunday in San Jose here:

      You will note that each and every commercial break this weekend by everyone, from Pat Thurston, to David Weintraub, to the horrible shouting Chef Ryan Scott (who, like Karel, can't seem to get enough of himself) and others, have promoted at least four times an hour about the debate and to go buy your tickets. Kare was BEGGING for people last night and will be doing so tonight.

      As reportered here last week, Cumulus / KGO refuses to pay "talent" for participation in San Jose. I only know of one rumor of one person and can't confirm that. That person being Ronn Owens.

      Back to Karel, who admitted of air, but loud enough for those watching his website during a break that he used to get $1500 for such an appearnce at KFI, including expenses, a car, and bennies.

      He was told two weeks ago, no plane ticket to San Jose, but, be theree. No pay, no room, no nothing. Last night, he noted this:

      1. "Brian, (producer), I won't be getting paid. I have no money. I had to get a plane ticket from my friend, David G. Hall (a consultant and his former KFI program director.) He is paying for my plane ticket. (No counting frequent flier miles which means the ticket probably costs Hall nothing.) "Can you believe that? I had to ask a friend to help me with a plane ticket."

      Then, it gets better with this ignorant big mouth who should have learned long ago to keep his mouth shut:

      "I also got a letter this week from KGO regarding the debate. I don't know if everyone else did or not. The letter (again reported to the producer) demands that I sign it and ...have it notorized ...before I show up for the debate or, I won't be on stage."

      Dominic, the engineer, says "We have a notary here, maybe you can have it done here."

      Karel then chimes, "And I have to do the show Sunday night, from the studio (at KGO). There are a bunch of rules I have to do or they won't let me in or on the air next Sunday.".

      "I am so sick of KGO and this shit. If I had $40,000, I quite on air right now!"

    4. Rather shut up, Karel keeps rambling on through nearly the 11 hour. He's still showing frustration on the air, but you find that on the podcast. This is just about "The Rest of the Stoy."

      There are several takes to this story. If Karel does sign this "agreement" and "has it notorized" and shows up, there could be trouble next Monday.

      "I'm ready to quit," he said and he was pissed. "I don't want to go to the debate, I'm not appreciated and I'm not getting paid for a "performance" -- not even a hotel room if I have to stay."

      If the debate lasts from 1-4. A drive to SJO International even if he doesn't rent a car, but gets a lift, he'd better hope the return flight gets into Long Beach or LAX in time for his show, if he decides to show up at KGO Sunday night. A tough squeeze, I'd think. He's been told in the "rules" to be in studio for his show.

      He then laments that Ed Schultz is the latest progressive left talk show host to quit radio, which Schultz did last Tuesday. He's gone from radio and is doing a one hour podcast each day online only, in addition to his show. Karel says "We've lost another one, now, there is just me." (Not true, but close.)

      "KGO was at least nice enough to send me a mic stand," to prevent the microphone rumble noise from his table top.

      "I don't know what to do. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to sign this letter, at all. I am so pissed." Every comment was an "I"

      Take: Next Monday, Karel gets the axe long overdue. Maybe Cumulus / KGO has finally had enough.

      Your take in the spin zone? This character, no for his orientation or his politics, are to blame. It's his absolute unroessionalism, expectations and how he takes his sorrows out on his audience. KGO has hired gay people before, some big names that are legendary, in fact. No problem. This, however, is not the way to keep a format, a radio station or credibility going. I hope he goes, and leaves KGO, willingly or not. This trainwreck takes the cake. There are big issues here with him. Thanks for reading.

    5. Karel can take one of those Chinese buses up from LA's Chinatown to SF's Chinatown for $20.

    6. He's getting a frequent flier ticket from his mentor, David G. Hall. Tonight he mentioned on and off air that he will be at the 475 seat theater for the debate, but will NOT be on the air next Sunday night. "I'm a performer getting nothing for this, so, I'm going to dinner after the debate and coming home." His producer, Brian, is not doing Sunday night either, as he has been asked to produce the debate. He will have a fill-in, too, and Christine may be a fill in, or, it will be Bartholomew. Will Mo' Langdan, after six weeks off, be doing the debate? Yes. Will she be on her "show" on KGO next Sunday night? Interesting -- there was "no comment."

      Maybe Karel needs some walking around money for dinner in San Jose and a ride back to SJO International.. What a mess.

      Oh yes, the "137 page rule manual" (it's not anywhere near that size,) was "signed" but whether it was notorized remains to be seen. This "contract" is a rules sheet (literally) of how to act at the debate. That means, incidentally, that the expenses for the debate will cost KGO LISTENERS over $3800 IF the place is sold out. Any takers on how many of the 475 seats, plus 5 wheelchair spaces, will be sold? This doesn't count limo ride down and back which is probably a "trade out." Listeners paying to be part of a really weak station promotion. Amazing. All Stars? Not!

    7. Interesting. I concur. I heard it too. You failed to mention .

      He has no regard for authority of management. So his friend bought him a plane ticket. Big deal.

      He dropped the "F Bomb" off air in his one of his rants. Did you hear it? He laughed about it and pissed off the producer and engineer. The engineer took the night off tonight. Karel got into a tantrum with a gay guy at 2 am in a diner Saturday.

      He blamed GLADD for not interviewing HIM about gay marriage and gave "no media awards, invtations for interviews and I am a trendsetter." Apparently, he was on some gay cable channel and got into it with a female host who told him off and busted his balls. Tonight, he said on air how he and his husband screwed in the KFI studio while on the air, twice. Sick crap. Imagine Owens saying that.

      If he had $40,000, he'd quit KGO and he didn't want to go to the debate. He went on for a half hour about "Have you ever done something that you regret later? He had been doing shots of Jameson and said "Why don't you get the f**k out of here" He told that story off air. Too much drama for me..

      He gives gay people a bad name. No wonder he's ignored. Giving business information on the radio takes balls. I know what would happen to me.

    8. 5:07
      If he's in town for the debate he does his show from the KGO studio. Goes home next day.

    9. Yes, that's true. How many times, only twice a year? When there is a "mass staff meeting" that requires his presence, he is flown up and back or get's travel expense for car travel and room if needed. The happen during the week, not on weekends, when he is on the air, usually. For holiday parties, he may get expenses to attend or he may not.

  2. Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday? Friday? Saturday? Sunday? What ancient words do you speak? Nobody looks at a calendar anymore. Its so 19th century to do so, yuck. Why would anyone want to confine themselves to such a barbaric practice as following a calendar or even a clock on the wall? It’s heresy, pure heresy. Only witches and warlocks believe in that stuff.

    Keep it simple. The sun comes up, the sun goes down. You live, you die. When you’re tired, you sleep. When you’re hungry, you eat. When you love, you love with all your heart.

    Through this cupellation only the true noble spirit of oneself can be separated from the galena sulfide that sinks them into the muck of bondage. Free yourself!!!!! Free yourself!!!! FREE YOURSELF!!!!!

  3. Rich, you may be tired of us devoted Barbara SImpson fans still bellyaching over her 'removal', but I had one last question before I leave the topic; Is there an email or snail mail address we could use to write to Barbara? Is there someway to express our appreciation for what she's given the Bay Area, and our continued support no matter what she decides to do? I will never be on Facebook unless it's a job requirement, because they have little regard for privacy, thinking it an antiquated fetish of the 'Aged Terrestrials'. I just want to say hello, thank you, and good luck, is all I want to tell her. For Barbara, (and only for her) I will even remove my mask of anonymity!

    1. This is Barbara. You can always e-mail me at or
      Those have been my addresses for years. I have a facebook, which will be updated, and more to come. Thank you for your kind words and for any bellyaching about the company decision for my program. I appreciate that you are not alone.

    2. BARBARA SPEAKS!!!.....see 4;35pm

  4. You know what? I largely agree that Karel can be over the top, ridiculous, obnoxious, and just a blowhard (no pun intended). Yet this time I tend to agree with him on some level. The owner of Cumulus is running a damn pyramid scheme! He and his brother took in over $30 Million combined last year while they are LOSING MONEY! Even if you don't like Karel (most of us don't) you can agree that he has a point. Maybe we're tired of hearing him bitch in moan, sort of a 'boy crying wolf' situation, but this time I feel he is right!

    They are forcing him to spend his own money to attend an event that no one gives a shit about? This is a radio station we've learned is trying to get that "younger demo." Do you think they'll be a person in that room under 30 years old? What is the point of this stupid debate? Sometimes I forget I'm even listening to KGO until I hear that stupid debate promo, which is when I go back to KCBS.

    Come on, Rich? Do you not think he's in the right on this one? If his rantings don't get him fired then it's official Cumulus doesn't care about KGO Talk at all. If he were to do that on a talk station that cared about his product he would absolutely be fired, unless he was a money maker. Which I don't think he is. If he was they'd pay for him to be there.

    1. Not speaking for Rich, but the answer is "Who cares?" Karel is under no obligation to buy airfaire, car, hotel, food, whatever. He is under no obligation to sign the KGO "debate rules agreement." If he doesn't, however, he pays the consequences of having no job.

      Not fair? Not at all. He gets health insurance paid in full being a union (AFTRA member) and about $2000 a month or less in salary from KGO. They know he has no money, but that's not KGO's fault.

      If Karel, like anyone on KGO, can't play by the rules, they just don't play, that simple. He even said if he could finance his projects with $40,000 he'd quit KGO "in a minute." Is this, maybe, the reason the "rules sheet notorized" is now in effect? It's his decision, not KGO's. They don't care. So, he performs or he doesn't, his choice.

      Finally, your point about the debate is, admittedly, absolutely correct. To ask KGO listeners to pay $8.10 per ticket to pay for the seating of 475 people at the Montgomery Theater (some $3800) is absurd. For people to drive to San Jose from wherever is ridiculous and, frankly, it's all on the backs of KGO listeners! That's the absurdity of it! Listeners paying for a not-well-thought out KGO promotion to cover "expenses." All the other debates were "free" to the listeners, just like TV shows are in Hollywood or New York.

      Plus, the show is broadcast Sunday live on KGO.

      Why do they need an audience, a paying audience at that? To put fannies in the seats to clap and cheer, that's all. Now, if it incuded, say, Tony Bennett in concert or Pharrell Williams doing "Happy" live, it would be a steal at that price. To go for a meaningless debate on a Sunday afternoon at the beginning of Summer? Are they kidding? I have, as you probably do, better things to accomplish.

      So, no to the "fair" part and yes to the "why in the first place" part.

      All they have to do is say "No." They won't, because their jobs depend on it and they know it. Ryan Scott in a meet & greet, are you kidding? May the boos from what, not doubt, will be a "papered" house (free tickets at the last minute to look good) be loud and long.