Monday, June 16, 2014

Northern California Emmy Awards on Saturday Night at The Hilton: Reason To Get Drunk and Plastered

 They had a big party on Saturday night and as usual a few people won some awards.

The Emmys are a glorified local industry night out. The stations that win often glorify their award; an award, by the way, that is literally paid for by the station.

This happens too: lots of people get drunk. And that's OK because generally on a Saturday night at the Hilton, it's perfectly allowed to get plastered at the Nor Cal Emmys. God, it takes 4 hours to watch the show, I'd want to get hammered too.

This just in: most of the local TV people have brains and get it: few outside of the Bay Area TV news circles don't care about the Emmys. They hardly care about the real national Emmys.

The only real reason anyone even has an iota of interest is to hear who really got uber-plastered and made an ass of themselves and what married guy got laid in the back of a limo.

One guy who has about 30 of the statuettes puts them in his garage. Once, after winning, a producer from a  local sports cable outlet brought his Emmy to an Oakland bar. I know: I was there. Unfortunately, he picked a bad night to celebrate. All the women had already left.

The Emmys need a re-branding.

Next year I'm going to emcee and sing songs and dance. That would be a better show and we can all get plastered and have an orgy.

Now you want to talk about a show.

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  1. Lieberman criticizes something else about the bay area media scene, big surprise.

    We can only imagine how fast Lieberman would change his tune if he would ever, through whatever miracle it would take, be in a position to win this award himself.

  2. Lieberman: "Bitter ... Party of one. Bitter."

  3. Dick Lieberman singing, dancing, drinking and engaging in sexual acts.

    His idea of a show?

    My idea of out of here.

  4. Oh, please...Rich is merely reporting.
    Go away, rather than complain/complain/complain.
    (I get enough of that at home)

    And, why spend energy on negativity.

    "Anger/hatred does more harm...
    to the vessel in which it's stored...
    than anything on which it's poured"
    -Mark Twain

    1. NO, Rich is not "merely reporting," he's providing his own, very negative perspective about the California Emmy Awards.

      Anon @9:04's advice to "go away, rather than complain/complain/complain" applies 100% to Lieberman.

  5. Rich's instincts about the local Emmys are solid. These awards, and several others regionally, exist solely as money-making enterprises. People pay to enter, pay for the statuette, and pay to attend the event.

    The ceremony goes on for hours and hours due to the mind-numbing list of award categories. If you do anything more than answer the phone at a TV station, there is a category you can enter. Getting drunk at the Emmys is a survival mechanism.

    That is not to say the people who win are not great at what they do, but they are being judged, many times arbitrarily, in a pool of anywhere from zero to a dozen or so contemporaries. The number of statuettes handed out each year dilute their value.

    The judges, Shanghaied from other markets as a threatened condition for entering in the future, are instructed to score against a professional standard and not other entrants. However, it's rare to hear, "No award given."

    Former KGO and KPIX News Director Harry Fuller consistently refused to enter his station in the "Best Newscast" competition for some of these reasons, among others.