Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Lunch Memo: KGO/KSFO Issues; KRON Move To 900 Front Further Delay; Dibley Return to KNBR No Way; KTVU Bumbling New Reporter

 Lunchtime Memos

*Problems galore at KSFO and KGO: Cumulus plans to send an Atlanta troubleshooter to town --how many of these suits exist!--to see and fix just what the hell is going on.

At KSFO, the Morning Show chaos is in dire straits and we all know the weekend, like KGO, is a vat full of horse manure.

*KTVU: yet even more new reporters including one female dutz who did a rambling, stumbling live show last week--so bad and bizarre a few producers were chuckling all over the square.

Resumes flying all over the place from 2 Jack London Square.

*KRON now appears all but certain to be at 900 Front no earlier than Thanksgiving. And the current "temporary" GM is looking more likely by the day to retain the title.

*Dan Dibley, part of the Morning Show "Rise Guys" from 95.7 FM Sports that was shown the door in March will NOT be back at KNBR as long as Lee Hammer is the Opps Mgr, so put the rumors aside.

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  1. Where is the new anchor on KPIX? I thought she was starting last week.

  2. No fan of L. Hammer or KNBR, but "Dibs" is the least talented, most over-rated hack in Bay Area media, so good for LH.

  3. At thegame,Dibley did tell once or twice or three times the story of how Hammer spotted him at a function and crossed the room to tell good old Dibs " Once you leave,you will never be taken back". I guess Hammer took it personal. Or Dibs is so much smaller that picking on him made Hammer feel manly. Like when he booted Ralph out as he wheezed in shock.
    Hammer is such scum. The Hammer doesn't fall far from the corporate tree.
    And he's proud of himself.
    And then you have Radnich puffing up his own ego taking stabs at Dibley at being "3rd string on a second tier sports station". And Kate Scott laughs extra hard now at those. Would Radnich have fought to bring back Dibs like he did Kreuger? Only if Radnich needed him to save the show,otherwise mr "I get along with everybody" doesn't care if the Dibley family starves.
    I can hardly wait until the whole KNBR lot is gone. One day it will happen.
    Radnich will drive away in his Kia by then....

    1. When I used to live in Montclair I'd see Dibs walking around the village with his kids and wife. He was shorter than his wife for sure but not a short guy compared to the general population. On the other hand Frank Sommervile is taller in person than one would imagine watching him on tv. I periodically see him practicing martial arts vs a punching bag in the garage of his house in the Oakland hills. He seems to enjoy showing off his punching prowess to the neighbors. Back to Dibs, when he left KNBR that was a never look back moment. Sort of like when you sue your employer. Once you serve papers your days are numbered at the company. I'd like to think that Dibs would move on and not think of going back to KNBR. Seems tacky!

  4. How are Papa and DBruce playing in the sandbox together? DB has openly cracked Papa (working for the Raiders, working for Comcast, JaMarcus), and the promotion of his show is nonexistent on Papa and Lund.

  5. "Coincidentally", Pat Thurston was away from KGO this past weekend, spending time with family & researching other job options. Maureen Langan was in NY/NJ doing stand-up & had the Mario Bros. sub for her. And then there's Karel, the human disaster...he would break wind in a crowded elevator & blame the baby. May he be removed post-haste.

    1. Can I get an AMEN?!! Well said, 4:18.

  6. Cumulus could save the airfare if they just listened to the product.

  7. I have to somewhat disagree with your assessment of KGO's week-end shows. I think Matt Ray shows promise, mind you we are way past comparing hosts these days to the old KGO (i.e. Gene and John Rothman) he certainly is better than Montemayor, he is better than Bearman and Sussman, and Spencer Hughes. Pat Thurston for the most part has a solid show, I like Brian Copeland, I know you don't, but he often has an interesting take on the a subject, and he is local, also one of the few black hosts, which again gives him a different prospective, he is good at challenging caller and also at engage them. Whenever Christine Kraft fills in, she does a good show, the weak links are Langdon and Karel, and some other fill ins. Although I rarely agreed with Barbara I do think replacing her with Ethan Bearman, was a step or more down, not as bad as Sussman, but not good.

  8. Dibley and Amy G should be working high school sports in their native North Bay.

  9. Is it decided if this is a "troubleshooter" or a "talent development" meeting? Maybe it's a henchman for Randall Bloomqust to make some much needed changes by cutting the fat again as well as a couple of "talents." After hearing Karel utter the "N" word in a commercial break Sunday on his website, then cackling like a 14 year old girl, some can only hope. Plus, posting his chat room log for all to see, where one moron called his mother a "whore" makes for really good radio.

    He is now on his 4th incarnation of a social media web site to, maybe, impress the suits. It's the wbsite that's a problem, but mostly, the talent working it. Sussman must go on KSFO and take the traffic babe with him. The chef needs to go cook and get off the air - even if he brokers the time (not confirmed.) The round robin of out-of-town talkers from home is not helping, though the John and Jeff Show for Langan hasn't been half bad, to be honest. The douche from New Jersey needs to find another station, Bearman needs speech lessons and the Dallas news and trafic people need some real development.

    Knowing how cheap Cumulus is, a change in imaging (jingles, sounders and promos) would be a small step up. Hearing the weekend moron at night still talk about what a douche George Bush is doesn't help. That's been on for two years, at least. Mel Baker needs to stop doing that half hour monologue at 9 pm Sunday because his other half doesn't know what he's talking about.

    Hell, maybe Cumulus could spring to have Bernie Ward phone it in from Lompoc before he's sprung in December. It would be better than what's on now.

    Develop on, Mr. Troubleshooter, develop on.

  10. Small, insecure people in radio sometimes. They can't just enjoy the fact that they're working in a profession that many would give their eye teeth to be in. Raddy, Scott, Dibs, the whole crew knew what they were getting into when they stepped into the pool. As far as Papa goes, he is about the best thing going in radio and TV these days, with the possible exception of Barnett, Kuiper, Krukow, Ken Korach, Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda, Jon Miller, and Ted Robinson. Those guys, all of them are at the top of the game because they've all been doing this for 20 plus years, and doing it really, really well. D Bruce is talented, but he's got a long way to go. On top of that, he is not a reporter, play by play announcer, or analyst. He's a talk show guy. And that's fine, but he's not yet even close to being in the class of the aforementioned guys. He's been here in the SF area for less than a decade. He will only earn that kind of respect from the public and his peers, when he's put in many more years and much hard work. Maybe he'll get there someday, but not for awhile.

  11. I sure hope the suits from Cumulus.... have a binder of pink slips to hand out.
    And do another format flip.
    It really doesn't matter when you're at the bottom........
    Traffic clowns from Texas,... (Now they are trying to become weather clowns too)
    Hopefully somebody can help poor Ronnn find a new job soon. sad.

  12. Perhaps KTVU is becoming more like sketch artists these days instead of news reporting.

    Noticed that KRON is not covering Bay to Breakers this year. They used to do a live show with Gary Radnich, the last white guy that won years ago, and Pam Moore or one of the other anchors. They tried on year with Darya and Gary and it was so awful it was never repeated again. No one else covers it live either, just the reports on who run and the craziness that surrounds it. A rich environment for Stanley Roberts.