Saturday, May 10, 2014

Get Ready--Saturday Night Pulse Shaker

[ Rare Earth ]

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  1. That was a fun song. Rare Earth owned that version of it, even though Smoky Robinson wrote it earlier and had a hit on the Motown label. Driven by steady percussion and a lead vocal with a slight echo. With Motown, the song was stronger on bass and brass (saxaphone).

  2. Lotta rhythm challenged white peeps in that audience!

  3. Great song - but while "Smokey" Robinson wrote it, it was The Temptations that actually owned it A huge Motown hit.

    In fact, at the time when Rare Earth did "Get Ready" three other white groups had signed with Motown, but to no avail. In the early 70s, however, Rare Earth broke the ceiling with their biggest (of two hits - "Born to Wander" was the other) and Motown put the band on its own "Rare Earth" label. This, then, was the first "white band" hit ever for Motown back in the day, from the album recorded in 1969. I'm Casey Kasem and the countdown continues ...

    1. Casey's children, his 2 daughters in particular, are still trying to wrest the conservatorship of their dad away from his present wife. They have a court hearing later this week. Kasem is in the throes of Parkinson's Disease. They say their step mom moved Casey around to five different nursing homes last year just to keep the adult children away from him. Didn't we just go through this with Mickey Rooney? Now in Kasem's situation, I would presume there is a great deal of money to be bequeathed, unlike with Rooney, who only had about $70k. so it has been stated.