Friday, April 25, 2014

What would Karl Malden Think about Modern-Day San Francisco?

 Techies? No.


 Traffic Downtown?

 The Chronicle?

 Culture--are you kidding me?

 Tadich: Still terrific.

 North Beach Restaurant: See Tadich Above.

Chinatown: Clean it up.

Savage: Hayo!

What else.

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  1. He'd:
    -wonder why Candlestick was being torn down, "seems like a great ball yard to me!"
    -be upset that gasoline is now over 75 cents a gallon.
    -wonder where the Embarcadero freeway went
    -wonder how Lowell High became so Asian
    -be amazed at how much cleaner the air and bay are today
    -wonder why Oakland still hasn't got their shit together
    -be surprised that he made it to 102
    -still have no trouble with Kazan and her work with McCarthy and the Hollywood witch hunt
    -have a sandwich named after him at Ike's Place

    1. Yeah, Kazan was a bitch.

    2. Karel - Oral Diahrrea say what?

  2. I think he'd be a little overwhelmed by the tech boom in the city, and how it's driving massive construction downtown, creating potential housing and transportation problems. The city sure looks different today than it did in the 1970s.

    Also back then: Candlestick was unfortunately in it's prime, Oakland was 'The City of Champions' with five Major Sports titles in the 1970s, and it still only cost a dollar or two to cross the Golden Gate Bridge!

    1. Candlestick was in it's rock hard artificial turf 1,000 in attendance per game glory during the Streets Of SF era.

  3. I take it the 420 celebration would have prompted some disdain.

  4. He'd say he misses Herb Cean ... Your thinly vailed attempts to be that kind of icon won't happen

  5. Better yet, what would Mr. San Francisco think about SF?! Mr. Herb Caen, none other!

  6. I remember when Herb Caen, said something about SF Firemen and 50 of them waited for him and chased him all the way up Market Street.

  7. "I'm Karl Malden and I hate modern times because no one needs to carry American Express Traveler's Checks anymore!"

  8. I'm Karl Malden, and my wife always said if I got my nose fixed, I would be a doppelganger for Gavin Newsome, but then she would'nt trust me outa her sight. So to please the missus, I never got the schnozz fixed or altered in any way.