Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Mid-Day Media Chatter; KTVU's Naylor on Maternity Leave; Star Rising; KRON does Newscast from Newsroom; Darya's Dough Second to Radnich; Back to the Storm Desk and Team Coverage

 KTVU newsreader Maureen Naylor has been on maternity leave--many of you have inquired as to her whereabouts and this explains it.

Moreover, and more significant, management is so high on the anchor they can wait for her return, or, as a Channel 2 source told me, "they love her."

What's not to love.

TUESDAY NOTES: KRON's main studio was down due to tech difficulties Monday they had to broadcast from the newsroom, funny--like KGO-TV, actually looked better...By the way, Channel 7 is killing everyone in the early evening news blocks, yes, ratings are very good...Darya Folsom makes more money than everyone at KRON except for Radnich...No, I did not listen to the alleged "all-sports" FM station with the "all- new" ID, (funny, they've been around over 3 years--all new? Huh?) programs in the AM and PM drive. From what I heard nobody else did either. Like restaurants, wait a month before visiting the buffet ..."Check Please" called--I wasn't interested...CSNBA "YSTL"gabfest doesn't want me on because the head warrior says the "writers" get annoyed when I did the show a few years ago. Yeah, I actually said something newsworthy and interesting as opposed to the vanilla wall-paper sect that spew forth Giants/49ers/Raiders sweet-nothings. They fear more than the beard over there on Third St...The orgasms are back: We go to 'TEAM COVERAGE", Pacifica is flooding!--yada, yada, yada...

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  1. I would like the Bay Area to know that Brian Murphy did not (repeat: did not) agree with Duane Kuiper's joke that Gene Machi does not have a sexy body. Sure he laughed but he quickly caught himself to say that there are those that would find Machi's "plump" body sexy. So before anyone contacts Larry Bear or the Giants, let me reiterate that Brian Murphy briefly chucked he did not intend to criticize Gene Machi's body and or the Giants organization in in any way, shape or form. Thank You and remember: Together (our team, your money) We're Giants!

  2. Video of KRON broadcasting from the newsroom.


    It looked like Catherine Heenan and Jackie had a hard time ad-libbing.

  3. Darya once again proves the benefit of shagging the boss. And hey - those Forever 21 outfits don't buy themselves!

  4. once again Rich, where do you get your numbers?? a KGO press release? the 5 - 7 numbers are a dead heat at best

  5. Did Tina call you? Seriously? And you turned her down?

    You're insane. I would have done it just to watch Leslie get drunk.