Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time To See Me Breakdance

(KC and the Sunshine Band)

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  1. It works. Good song.

  2. Those guys really knew how to rock out back in the dear old 70s. What great times we had back in those days! You'd meet a girl at someplace like the old 'Henry Africa's' in SF (the original Fern-bar) and you'd look at each other and say something like: "what's you sign, I'm a Virgo." After perhaps one drink and a short conversation, you'd be off to her apartment or yours for a night of incredible passion! You didn't worry about Aids or other social diseases in those days. Lots of wonderful women were around in those days, and they weren't so materialistic and phony. They just wanted to have a good time. Women were just starting to get more assertive and aggressive and were a lot more exciting than they had been or are currently. Ah, the 1970s....Good times!