Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It's Been Nearly Six Years Since Dennis Richmond Retired From KTVU And Boy Has a Lot Changed

 Hard to believe it's been nearly six years since Dennis Richmond retired from KTVU.

On Thursday we will go into detail about Richmond and his farewell with a few exclusive details...

*Richmond was clearly ready to enjoy retirement but would have gladly stayed on at KTVU if management had asked--they didn't. Dennis wasn't angry, only slightly taken aback.

*At the time of his leaving, KTVU was on top of the Bay Area TV News domain and still churning out quality work--after Richmond's retirement, the brand that Channel 2 created has now been forever tainted.

Wonder what Richmond would think of today's KTVU newscasts...

We offer the details on Thursday.

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  1. I picture Dennis walking off the golf course, heading up to his house, pouring himself a drink, nestling into a nice leather recliner, turning on the channel 2 news and thinking: "HO LEE FUK!"

  2. I think would say HO LEE FUK