Saturday, April 5, 2014

415 Media Exclusive: Veteran Weekend Anchor Ken Wayne Signs Contract Extension to Remain at KTVU

Ken Wayne staying at KTVU
    Veteran news anchor Ken Wayne will remain at KTVU for at least the next four years. The weekend anchor and general-assignment reporter on Friday signed a new multi-year contract to stay with the Oakland Fox affiliate through 2017.

Reached by phone, Wayne confirmed to me he signed the new deal even after receiving inquires from several stations "in and out of the market." The new deal involves a considerable raise.

"I'm very happy to be here in the Bay Area where I've been working and living for a long time. I'm happy, my wife's happy too," said Wayne, who has been with KTVU since 1992. He's been the lead weekend anchor since 2002.

Retaining Wayne provides a needed source of stability for Channel 2 which has seen a steady amount of new faces at the station, particularly reporters. Wayne refused to comment on whether he considered an offer from a cable outlet, (I heard CNN was interested).

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  1. GOOD! I do remember him working/anchoring in Sacramento, too.

  2. "415 Media Exclusive".........too funny. Right up there w/ "Breaking News".

    Why is this news item "exclusive"? Who else is supposed to run w/ it?

  3. Congrats Rich! This is big. I'm not being facetious. Getting an anchor to comment directly to you ON THE RECORD means that your blog IS effective and known by players and not just the played. Next level stuff.

  4. What the fuck happened to his face? He get a lift or something?

  5. Is that a real dog? That is as bad as men with cats.

    He got his eyes done. I think he had one droopy eye.

    His wife is happy. Ha. She wanted the big time. CNN or Washington DC.

    1. That dog looks like Mr Winkle.


  6. Weekend anchor at KTVU? What happened to George Watson?

  7. Yet again Lieberman shows how much gravitas he possesses. The last few months he has peppered this blog with Wayne updates, indeed he has advocated that ktvu re-up the contract or Wayne may walk. Kudos for your work. All you haters best recognize the power of Rich Lieberman in this market!

  8. I heard he just couldn't see leaving Ch 2......get it?

  9. Ken Wayne is one of the best. So glad he and his wife are staying in the Bay Area. Looks like his eyes are healing fantastically!

  10. Don't forget Rich, is a Raiders fan.

    Time for the Raider Nation to unite!