Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yahoo! Sports Writer Spears Mangles Warriors' Steph Curry's Name At-Least Five Times on KNBR Post-Game Show

Marc Spears
 So this guy, Marc Spears, from Yahoo! Sports comes on the Warriors KNBR post-game show Thursday Night as a "guest-host" and I swear to God mangled Steph Curry's name five times! I counted. 3 times in one sentence.

"Steve Curry, Steven Curry, Steph, --I like 'Steve myself."

(Nervous laughter from the producer in background.)

Worse yet, Spears, who should know better but is considered by Yahoo and KNBR, I guess, as a hipster, cool dude got seriously worse later on too. He's dreadful on radio. Sounded real crappy. Unintended-laughter entertainment special.

I mean, at least Stephen A. Smith has credentials and can actually elicit information and not butcher a star NBA player's name like STEPH Curry. Steve? Not.

Did Spears think he was funny with the "Steve" routine? I hope it was a matter of Spears simply fucking up because that gets you post-game radio gigs on Knibber.

The rest of the show sounded dreadful too --mounds of dead air. Awkward interview with more dead air with some guy in Sacramento who had all the charisma of a poached egg. Thankfully his name wasn't Steph.

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  1. Marc Spears is a veteran NBA Writer...emphasis on writer! He knows his stuff but radio isn't his strength. Not everyone can talk into a mic

  2. If you check both Smith's and Spears' bios, I think you'll see the experience is pretty equal, considering the difference in age. Smith has the edge with his experience at the NY Daily News and Philly Inquirer, but that's because he's older. As an avid NBA fan, I trust Spears' stories much more than that blowhard, Smith. As far as awards, I don't see a Pulitzer on either one's shelves.

  3. Talk radio is tougher than most people think it is.

  4. I like Marc Spears Rich sorry. A lot of people do. Find another chew toy to gnaw on this weekend.

  5. Seems like just part of the evolutionary process of all the writers having to switch to TV/Radio in order to survive. I think Kevin Lynch has been doing a good job making the transition on KNBR.

    1. I think that reality gnaws in lots of sportswriters' craws. Ratto was complaining about the need to tweet/social media. It made me think he probably thinks the same in some degree about Comcast/KNBR.

  6. Spears knows his stuff. Spears was playing off the ed lee bit where ed lee mangled stephs name. Calling him Steve curry.

  7. Then you missed the opening sound byte to last nights show, which was SF Mayor Ed Lee calling Steph, Steve when he was giving a speech a year or so ago. "Give Steve Curry an inch, and he'll take a golden state mile".

    I've heard Marc Spears do tons of interviews on the radio, he handles himself just fine and is one of my more favorite interviews/insiders on KNBR.

  8. Rich, like many have said here Mark has game.Who cares what he called him?